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Learn about countries!! It's almost educational!

Crissy Mae

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Hetalia

Hetalia has been a very popular anime among the community of anime fanatics. The show is based on the hyper and cowardly Italy, along with his friends Germany and Japan, and they decide to call themselves the Axis. Soon enough their friendship causes World War 2, which makes up the season 1 and 2 name "Hetalia: Axis Powers" The show is made up of personifications of each country and with each country they show stereotypes, and ALOT of them. Then in season 3 and 4, it is renamed "Hetalia: World Series" because of the increasing cast. These stereotypes make the show hilarious and insulting in a way, so if you are easily insulted, I recommenced you do not watch this anime. Even though VERY insulting, the show is mostly funny and a comedy series that is extremely original, so from all of the fans we all thank Himaruya Hidekazu Characters Axis Italy is the pasta-loving coward of the Axis(like I said, LOTS of stereotypes) He represents North Italy, while his older brother Romano represents South Italy. Italy is usually seen with his eyes closed, but in some scenes his eyes are open. He is known to be weak and have a lack of knowledge on wars, as seen in a episode when he pulls the pin on a grenade throws it, and keeps the active grenade in his mouth. He will also give up rather easily and always finds a way to make a white flag. Other than fighting, he is an excellent chef and wonderful artist and is the grandson of the Ancient Roman Empire. Italy Romano Romano is the twin brother of Italy, and is the complete opposite(except for his love for some pasta, he likes the stuff too). He represents South Italy and was raised by Spain. Being around Spain made him start to love tomatoes. Romano is the first grandson of The Ancient Roman Empire, and didn't take part in World War 2 as much as Italy did. He also has a massive grudge on Germany because he is all Italy would talk about around him. Germany Germany is the head of the axis and is referred to as Italy's BFF. Germany had met Italy during World War 1, when he found him hidden inside of a crate of tomatoes saying that he was the tomato fairy. Although people see Germany as threatening and tough, he has a soft side because his only true friend is Italy. His soft side is goes more in depth when England lies to Italy, saying that Germany is just pretending to be his friend and Germany says "Ich Liebe Dich" to Italy. Germany also has an older brother, Prussia who, on occasion, will call East. Japan Japan is quiet, and for more than 2,000 years he shut himself away from the rest of the world. He is seen as mellow and calm and rarely gets angry, except for one scene in which Greece decides that they should get angry to keep themselves from constipation. Japan's older brother is China, but they barely talk to each other during the first season. Though he decides to stay quiet, he opens himself up to the world more after becoming friends with America. Allies England England has gotten the nickname 'Iggy' from the fans because of the way they pronounce it in Japanese. England is a tea-loving, scone-making country. He is not very famous for his cooking as seen from a episode when he and America capture Italy and he cooks food for Italy, in which he starts crying because he claims the food is so horrible. England barley has any friends and hates France with a passion, he claims that his best friends are magical creatures such as Flying Mint Bunny, Miss Fairy, and Uni, just to name a few. These creatures are not visible to the other countries, so most of them see him as a crazy country that talks to imaginary things. He raised America, and was broken when America became independent. This was seen in America's Storage Room Cleaning, when he lunged forward at America and then broke down and couldn't bring himself to take him down. France America Russia China France is known to be a flirt, and is able to swoon any woman. He also had tried to make Italy and Roman French territories, in which he fought Spain almost four times for Romano. France also gets a kick out of making fun of England, and he also hates England so that's one reason why. He was known to create some of the world's strangest fashions for men, such as dressing up in long tunics and looking like women. China is bossed around by many other countries, some of which he offered help. He is Japan's older brother and tried to teach him, even though japan learned a lot of things fast on his own. China is known to carry around a panda or talk to giant pandas like Harassment Panda. He is also pushed by Russia to live with him. Russia is a scary country, in which they reflected his scary side from the Russian leader that was known to be a scary guy. Russia scares almost the whole world, and is under control of the three Baltic states, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, all of which are frightened half-to-death by him. The only country that scares Russia is his little sister, Belarus, who always tries to marry him. Aside from his being a nightmare, he doesn't think everything through, like when he jumped out of a plane thinking he could land safely on the ground because of the snow. America, the cheese burger eating, narcissistic, loud-mouthed, noisy, country. He likes to boss other countries around, like Canada. He often refers himself as 'The Hero' and he used to be the younger brother of England before he gained his independence. Although he has a tough exterior, and is very strong even when he was a child and tossed around a buffalo, he still doesn't have the courage to clean out his storage room because of all of the memories each of his items held. Country's Siblings Canada Canada is believed to be the twin brother of America, but is also France's young brother even though America and France share no relation to each other. Canada is quiet, and is either ignored, not seen, or forgotten by everyone else. He is also mistaken to be America a lot by Cuba and some other countries. Although he tends to be quiet, he accutualy holds a grudge against various countries, but whenever he tries to yell, it always comes up whispering and calm-sounding. He owns a baby Polar bear named Kumajiro, though Kumajiro can not remember who Canada is and Canada can't seem to remember Kumajiro's name. Belarus Belarus is Russia's younger sister, and is the only country capable of scaring the living daylight out of Russia. She is tough enough to break down doors and tear away door-knobs if she has to in order to get to Russia, and force him to marry her. Ukraine Ukraine is Russia's older sister, and is almost normal. She is sweet and mellow, but is very poor. When she was younger, she gave her scarf to Russia which is the one that he still wears, She had given it to him in exchange for some land. She is a bit of a cry-baby, and will get worked up over little things. Prussia Do you recognize this one? This is Prussia, Germany's older brother. He is an albino narcissist, who struts around yelling that he is 'awesome'. Prussia is an a abolished country, but he is referred to be east Germany, because he calls his brother 'West'. He even ganged up on Austria with Spain and France. Spain Spain acts as the older brother of Italy and Romano, even though he only had the chance to raise Romano while Austria raised Italy. Spain even tried to trade Austria. Spain is a laid back country, who produces tomatoes. Because of him, all of the tomatoes that he gave to Romano and Italy influenced pasta making. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein is Switzerland's younger sister. Just as she was on the edge of dying, until Switzerland took her in and helped her. Because she has no military to support herself, she relies on Switzerland, and has a strong admiration for him. Other Countries Chibitalia Countries These Countries were featured on a series of shorts called "Chibitalia" which followed the years of Italy when he was a child Chibitalia Holy Roman Empire Austria Hungary Chibitalia was Italy's nick-name when he was younger. His voice was very high-pitched, so many people thought he was a girl, even the Holy Roman Empire. Holy Roman Empire was the second grandson of Germania. He had a little crush on Italy(remember! He thought that Italy was a girl at the time) There is a theory among fans, that the Holy Roman Empire grew up to be Germany, beacuase of their similarities, and that both Holy Roman Empire and Prussia had Germania as their grandfather Austria raised Italy, and had put him in a dress(of course he thought that Italy was a girl at the time) Austria is a country that mostly worries about music, like when Prussia was threatening to take his land, and all of Austria's people started to protest saying that their music was more important. Hungary was one of the countries that knew Italy was a boy, and wasn't surprised at all when Italy's voice changed. She is a helper for Austria, and will stop for nothing when trying to help him. Her weapon of choice is her trusty skillet, using it so much even gave her the ability to be immune to being hit with one. Switzerland Switzerland is a strict fellow, although he is rather kind around his younger sister, Liechtenstein, who he vowed to protect. He had even received a gift from her, which were hand-made pink pajamas, for all of his kindness. During World War 2, however, he was a neutral country, so because of this any country that crossed into his land he would try to shoot down to keep his nutrality. Lithuania Estonia Latvia Lithuania is one of the Baltic states, under Russia's command. He used to be Poland's Ally, until Poland just let him get taken away by Russia Estonia is the second of the Baltic states, and is usually unsure of many things. He also is under Russia's Command. Latvia is the youngest Baltic state under Russia's rule, and is naturally spacey. His spaciness causes him to get in trouble frequently with Russia, just like how he sold Russia's new jacket. Turkey Greece Greece spends most of his time just digging up his mother's ruins that was Athens, and sleeping. He also becomes friends with Japan, and shows him around his country, and explaining a lot of unneeded facts. Greece loves cats(which is pretty much his whole army) and is laid-back and calm, he also hates Turkey. Turkey is a bit of a bully, but has a friendship with Japan, who he calls 'Japy'. When most of the other countries were smaller, he would spend his time picking on Hungary, who at the time everyone thought was a boy. He also hates Greece. Sealand Sealand is the younger brother, and a abandoned sea fort that is located somewhere outside of England. He is an official nation, though he is not recognized as one by the other countries. He has a population of about 4 people, and has a big heart, but no one really much cares about him, or recognizes him as a country. The Nordics Finland Finland was the first Nordic country to make an apperance, and when he was first introduced, he was recognized as a sort of Santa Claus. He follows along with his friend/protector, Sweden, who can be very akward at times. Sweden Sweden is quiet, but is seen as a tough guy and is awkward at moments, even though he thinks things through, like when he stated that Finland was his wife. Iceland Iceland made his one of his first appearances in the movie, "Paint it white", and was is an extra episode where he finds out that he is the younger brother of Norway. Norway is a demanding country, and will get information out of anyone. During his appearance in the extra episode from season 4, he pushes his little brother, Iceland, to call him big brother until he makes Iceland leave the room. Eventually, Iceland does say call him big brother, but quickly following that was a thumbs down. Norway Denmark Denmark is narcissistic loud mouth. He used to control Finland and Sweden, and calls himself the Scandinavian King. Fan Terms 2P! Hetalia- When using the term 2p! it means the opposite evil version of a character, for example; 2P!England wears brightly colored clothes, cooks wonderfully, but he has a tendency to put poison in his cupcakes(which he bakes A LOT) Trios- Trios are grouped by personalities, like the Awesome Trio, which is a trio of the three narcissistic Prussia, America, and Denmark. Trios can also be grouped by location, such as the Germanic Trio. Nyotalia- Nyotalia is the term when referring to gender-swaps of the characters. Pets/Creatures Of Hetalia Kumajiro Kumajiro is Canada's pet polar bear, he can never remember who Canada is, so Canada always has to keep on eye on him or he will walk away to someone else. In one episode, Kumajiro tells his owner that he should look more Canadian so people don't mistake him for America, which results in Canada getting a maple tattoo(which is taken off because of America) Kumajiro's line that is pretty much the only thing that he says is, "Dare?" which translates into "Who are you?" Gilbird Gilbird is Prussia's pet chick. He is very useful, though only knows one word, which is 'piyo', he knows how to use Morse code, and delivers mail for Prussia. He is named after Prussia's Human name, Gilbert. He is also the only one that Prussia will ever say is 'awesomer' than himself. Pierre Pierre is France's pet, who frequently says 'chirp' but can speak full sentences. Flying Mint Bunny Flying Mint Bunny is one of the most popular creatures among England's mythical creatures. Flying mint bunny is only featured in one scene, but is the most memorable. The Greek Army Greece owns a large amount of cats, so most people say that it's a percentage of Greece's population. Due to this large mob of cats, they are known as the Greek army, and are even officially called that during a scene in the show. Believe it or not, Hetalia is Educational! Yes! It's true! Most fans of Hetalia learn from watching. The show will teach you about world history, and most of the fans that are still in school claim that because of watching Hetalia made their World History class grades rise. I even taught you some things just by telling you about each country (although some are politically incorrect)But in the original manga, they even give credit to websites they had to look at to be correct on the manga. Fandom Relationships
The Hetalia and Homestuck fandoms are in a Fandom Relationship, due to bloggers on Tumblr. Until recently, the Homestucks had began to back-up the Hetalia fans, so in return, the Hetalia fandom protect and back- up the Homestucks as well.
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