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Cari Doemland

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Spain

Culture Government Geography History Population- 41 million Formation-

Spain was first called the Iberian Peninsula
in the first century. In the second century
the Romans came and set the first language,
religion and laws. the last building of the
Romans fell in the seventh century. By 1512,
Spain was what it is today. Wars-

Spain wasn't involved in World War 1 or 2. It was neutral.

In 1936 the Civil War in Spain began and lasted until 1939. It was caused by the amount of unemployment in Spain. About one third of Spain's population was not working. Important People-

Emilio Botín is one of the richest men in Spain.
He is a famous banker. In 1986 when Emilio was 52, he took over his father's job as president of a bank in Spain called Banco de Santander.

Before the Flamenco, the Fandanogo was the most popular dance in Spain. Another well known dance is the Paso Doble.

The Cuatro is an instrument pretty much like a guitar but it's a little smaller. In Spanish, Cuatro means 4. The Cuatro has 4 strings so that's how it got it's name. Folklore-

One popular legend of Spain is about the lizard of Jaen. The first recorded appearence of the lizard was in 1628, but the legend is said to have 3 different endings depending on who you hear it from.

Paella was originated in eastern spain. It has seafood, meats, seasoning, vegetables and saffron, a spice that turns the rice a golden color. Religion-
Roman Catholic Language-

Official language- Spanish

They also speak Catalan, Galician and Basque.

The Running of the Bulls is held in the streets of Pamplona, Spain. The bulls are let out and the object is to try to get to the bull ring and outrun the bulls before they trample you. Tourism-

Spain has been ranked the third
most visited country by tourists

The Summer Olympics in !992
were held in Barcelona, Spain Type of Government-

A parliamentary monarchy with 2 legislative houses:
Senate and Congress of Deputies

Head of Government: Prime Minister
Head of State: King Economy-

Type of money- euro (€)
1 Peseta = 100 centimos Land-

A flat separated plateau
surrounded by hills Climate-

Summers- usually hot and dry

Winters- are mild and can range from 5 to 30 degrees Farenheit
Map Capital- Madrid

Major Cities- Barcelona,
Cordoba,San Sebastian and
Pamplona Official name:
Reino de España (Kindom of Spain) fgvsdgad Exports-

Apparel, food, chemicals,
beverages, metals automobiles, other machines and tools

The picture in the yellow stripe of Spain's flag is a version of Spain's coat of arms. The flag used today officially started being used on December 19, 1981. There was once an eagle on the flag but was replaced by the coat of arms. There is a legend that the colors of the flag was from the bullfight arena. Red, symbolizing the blood shed. Yellow, the sand of the arena. 1. People asked a soldier to help them. He dressed in armor and when he went outside the reflection of the sun blinded the lizard and the soldier then slayed it. 2. A prisoner asked to be free to try and kill the lizard. He asked for a horse, a bag of bread and a bag of gunpowder. He went to the cave where the lizard was and left a bread trail, riding the horse, which the lizard followed. At the end he dropped the gunpowder and the lizard ate that and exploded. 3. A shepard was tired of the lizard eating his sheep. He took one of his sheep, killed it, then skinned it and put gunpowder in the skin which he lit. The lizard smelled the sheep and came to eat it. When he did he exploded.
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