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Rosa and Blanca

Rosa and Blanca Reading Street

Jamie Sink

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Rosa and Blanca

Rosa and Blanca
Events in a story happen in a certain order called sequence. Good readers pay attention to the sequence because it helps them understand the story. Authors may use clue words such as first and next to help readers figure out the sequence.
Long "i" Vowel Sound
Long "i" says it's name - I.

It can be spelled with just an "i", "igh", "y", or "ie".

child cry high try

night tie wild pie
A verb may have an ending or the word "will" to tell when action is happening.

Today she plays kickball. (now)
He played kickball. (past)
He will play kickball later. (future)
tortillas - thin round pieces of bread that are served hot
Rosa and Blanca
By Joe Hayes
Realistic fiction tells about made-up events that could happen in real life. Rosa and Blanca is a made-up story with characters that act like real people.
luckiest - having more luck and good fortune than anyone else
chiles - hot peppers that are used as seasoning
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