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Learning is GOLDen in 2nd Grade

Open House Presentation

Erica Dowling

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Learning is GOLDen in 2nd Grade

Ms. Erica Dowling, Ed.S
2nd Grade GOLD Teacher

Learning is GOLDen in 2nd Grade!
736-8720 ext. 3412

"Who" am I?
University of South Carolina (BA, Experimental Psychology and MAT)
Cambridge College (Ed.S, School Administration)
Converse College (Gifted and Talented Education Endorsement)
Teaching Experience:
Conder Elementary (4th grade, 3rd grade, 2nd grade GOLD)
District Technology Mentor, School Design Team Member, USC Coaching Teacher, 3rd Grade Team Leader, District Leadership Academy, Student Council Coordinator, Single Gender Lead
There is a high emphasis on community (morning meetings, LLG Pledge, Focus Five, Girlafesto, etc.)
Students are held accountable for their learning
High expectations
Your babies = my babies
Our Class Community
2nd Grade Learning Goals
To give your child the academic tools she needs be successful in 2nd grade and beyond.
To provide a supportive learning environment.
To maintain student engagement while learning
To create and discover new interests.
To encourage daily use of LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines
Uniform Policy
South Carolina Native
We will cover all the subjects and topics that our state and nation believes are important for our children to learn during 2nd grade.
Family friendly version of our state academic standards can be found at http://www.scfriendlystandards.org/
South Carolina State Standards
We will be using the MacMillian-McGraw Hill Treasures Series as well as supplemental texts and reading a variety of genres.
Each unit will have various Focus Skills and Focus Strategies highlighted.
It is a integrated Language Arts program.
Writing is also integrated into the Treasures program. In addition, portions of the Step-Up to Writing, Six Trait and Four Square Writing programs are emphasized.
Our math series is entitled enVision Math
Themes for the Year:
Number & Operations
Data Analysis
Emphasis on HOTS
We use an inquiry based approach to science, supplemented by basals and supplemental materials
Earth Science - Weather
Physical Science - Matter
Life Science - Animals
Physical Science - Magnetism
Science Process Skills will be taught throughout each unit.
Themes for the year:
Our American Government
Economics (Supply and Demand)
Cultural Contributions
Social Studies - 2nd Grade Focus on Communities
A (100-90)
B (89-80)
C (79-70)
D (69-60)
F (59-Below)

Social Sciences (science, social studies) grades are integrated into Reading and Language Arts Grades
Richland Two Elementary School Grading Policy (revised 2016-2017)
Our school strives to provide meaningful and engaging learning experiences through the arts and technology
Parents/Community/Partnerships are all essential to student success
Conder also utilizes the "Best Practice" of the Highly Effective Teaching Instructional Model
LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines
Procedures vs. Rules
Richland Two Philosophy
Please be sure to arrive on time. Instruction begins with the Morning Announcements and continues until the end of the day.
Students should be present with limited or no exceptions
Tardiness and Absences
Homework is to be copied by students in their agendas
Richland Two homework philosophy
Meaningful homework which reflects the day’s instruction is assigned
Designed to encourage students to learn for the sake of learning
Student choice
Columbia Marionette Theatre
Ripley's Aquarium
Costs Forthcoming
Class/Grade Level T-Shirts
Field Trips

I am so happy to be a part of your family this year. If we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.
Let’s Make It a Great Year!
Fall Parent Conferences
Question and Answer Session
Wrap Up/Closure
Fall Field Trip - Junie B. Jones Production (Koger Center for the Arts)
October 2016

Spring Field Trip - Discovery Place Museum (Charlotte, NC)

More information pertaining to dates, costs, etc. will be shared

Grade Level T-Shirts
Field Studies
For more information
on the following, please go to the Conder Cafe:

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
SIC (School Improvement Council)
Learning Services (Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Caldwell)
Girl Scouts
Office (student information- Mrs. .Turner, Mrs. Goines)
Bus Transportation
Conder T-Shirts
Richland County Public Library
Shining Stars After School Program
Conder Elementary School's Administrative
Staff Welcome Message

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