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Insect Infestation- Science10 Presentation

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Paul Lee

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Insect Infestation- Science10 Presentation

Sean, Paul, and James.K
Insect Infestation
2nd Event- Pine Wilt
It was found in 2006 and it is still continuing. It is called HIV of pine tree. Green Environment association said if the spreading continues at a same rate, Pine trees in Korea will be extinct in 3 years. It spreads by longhorn beetles and one it gets into pine tree there is no cure. When pine tree dies in large number then food web of the the environment will collapse. In long term there will be decrease in number of different animals.
What is Insect Infestation?
An insect infestation is an invasion of insects on a place like houses or an attack by insects on plants.
How Insect Infestation impacts ecosystems?
1st Event- Swarm of Locust in Africa

How is Insect Infestation related to global warming?
Insects that infest ecosystem
Pine wilt
Web Worm
after locusts had passed
pine trees dying by pine wilts
According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the plague could surpass that of 1987, which caused $300m damage to food production.
Effects on Plant

Insect Infestation killed plant, ruined large areas of agriculture and destroyed .
Effects on Animals (Humans)

Insect Infestation kills animals by spreading diseases, destroys habitats, and destroys the food chain.
Affects on Food Chain
When Insect Infestation kills large amount of plants in one area, the number of herbivores decrease. Then there won't be enough food for carnivores to eat, which decreases number of animals in each trophic level
Affects on Food Web
The Insect Infestation will bring decrease of primary consumer which is food source of herbivores. Then less food source of herbivores will decrease the number of herbivores which will affect food source of carnivores.
It happened in Monday, 9 August, 2004. through Mali to Niger. This event had wiped out leaves of the trees, farm and created panic in country side. In short term, It destroyed food source of people living there. In long term, If the region continues to have swarm of locust it can change the climate of the region
Before After
If extinction of the Pine tree occurs, then there will be climate changes, global warming, and will lead to extinction of various insects such as Spruce Spider Mite, Pine Sawfly and white Pine Weevil.
Problem of Pine tree extinction
Infestation of insects is causing global warming. For example, Pine beetle increases the summertime temperatures of some Canadian forests by 1 degree Celsius which is the same impact as a forest fire. The beetle populations, spurred into profusion by global warming, appear to be contributing to a temperature feedback loop. The current mountain pine beetle outbreaks are destroying the BC forest industry and changing the regional climate.

Pine Beetle affecting the forest trees




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