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consumer behaviour

No description

zarish baig

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of consumer behaviour

Market Segmentation:
Marketing Mix:
Brand Equity And Brand Personality:
consumer behavior
tarang - engro foods
marketing descisions:

Pakistans no.1 tea whitening brand TARANG is a specialized tea creamer that make perfect cup of tea with fresh aroma and rich in taste. biggest and most profitable brand of Engro Foods takes firm place in hearts of millions tea-enthusiasts all around Pakistan since 2007
Reference Group:
Needs, Motives And Emotion:
Problem Recognition:
External Influence
Perception And Memory:
Personality/ Lifestyle:
Alternative Evaluation:
Information Search:
Marketing Activities:
Tarang basically cover the culture of Punjab

Punjab is a culture of dance, music and food.

Tarang shows these factors in his product with colorful packaging and full of dance advertisement.
Being a research oriented firm, Tarang recognize correct segment for their product.

lower and middle class.

.budget conscious group.
Punjabi culture is more attached with local movies and cinemas.

Tarang lunched its advertisement by casting renowned film actors of Pakistan cinema.

Tarang House full introduce range of reference group.

Marketing strategies of Tarang took it a step ahead.

jingle "Tarang hi Tarang hai".

Tarang House full and Tarang Awards.

advertisements according to the culture.

take Pakistani cinema for their marketing activities

Internal Influence
Purchase Decision:
Target the needs of lower class population.

Focused on tea enthusiasts who drink tea to relieve their work stress.

Punjabi culture linked with dance, fashion, music, wedding and launched low cost entertainment movies.
targeted market has perception o natural milk but TARANG set perception that their product is not milk its "TEA CREAMER".

they set perception by:
extensive advertisement
continuous ads & jingles fixed in their mind.

People not willing to buy but instead they think to use it once.

Targeted market has a simple ordinary lifestyle.

Hard working people with busy schedule who did not fulfill their needs and not time for entertainment.

Tarang houseful brought home entertainment for the segment.
Tarang focused on a segment that want a relief from hectic schedule in the form of cup of tea..

Tarang made a perfect consistency tea creamer which match the attitude of consumers.....

Decision Process
Tarang focused on a market that consumer wants their tea with a perfect consistency.

consumer did not want all purpose milk but something out of the box.
EXternal Search:
mostly Tarang consumer get the information through advertisement and its promotion activities.

Internal Search:
After watching advertisement people did internal research that their relatives use this product and how was the product.

Selection criteria includes both :

Objective of the brand:
consumer set effective evaluation of alternatives that they want a perfect consistency tea with low of cost.

Subjective Factors:
Tarang consumers subjective factors for having it is internal satisfactions, entertainment and relief.
What to buy? How to buy? When to buy?

Consumer look for the convenient place and low cost product.
Tarang is available in all utility stores near the locality of target consumer.

Tarang is a low cost product and easily afford by consumers.
Post Purchase Behavior:
After buying the post purchase behavior of Tarang consumers are satisfied.

Tarang keeps a check of any UN-satisfactory result.

Tarang even took care of packaging and size of the product.
Geo Graphic Segmentation:
Mostly focused on local culture and Punjabi population
Demographic segmentation:
Lower and middle class population both male and female
lower class that strive hard to earn their livelihood
Product Segmentation:
low cost with easily available and easy to carry
Gives perfect consistency for tea
Psycho graphic Segmentation:
Targeted consumer who are tea enthusiasts, lively and colorful reflects the theme of Tarang
Positioning strategies:
Through its extensive marketing Tarang did a strong brand image in the mind of consumers.

Tarang focused on positioning map.

Tarang covers more than 65% of market
Position In Relation To The Competitor:
SWOT analysis sought out the competitors through extensive research.
Positioning On The Basis Of Products Attributes And Benefits:
Tarang took advantage of benefit it offers
cost efficiency, quality assurance and perfect consistency.
Position On the Basis Of Usage Occasion:
focused on the consumer needs.
relief from hectic life
A perfect consistency tea creamer.
Price :
Tarang offer cost efficient tea creamer.
As it sold for Rs.18 in the market.
Distributive extensively and available at all utility stores near the target market.
Extensive ATL and BTL activities.
Tarang House full
Pakistani movies star
Tarang extensive advertisement and marketing investment made strong brand equity.

cost efficiency with product on efficient margin made advantages for Tarang.

Tarang attempted to position a brand in a way that made it unique.

Colorful packaging with extensive marketing made a brand personality unique and famous in Pakistan.
The only risk of Tarang consumers have in their mind is Perceived risk.
because their already all purpose milk available in the market.

Tarang use reference groups to attract the popultion in the market.

As well as:
extensive marketing
cost efficiency
use of semiotics and semantics with colorful packaging and tag line " CHAE KA SAHI JOR "
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