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Hari Ajith

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Hari, Benny, Dylan, Nathan, & Evan
Government & Defenses
Agriculture/ Livestock
Disney Universe
Industry/ Resources
Residential / Schooling
-Located directly below the string of main islands- Residential/ Schooling Island.

-We have free schooling from K- College

- There are two universities on the island, one for even higher education, and another for regular college education.

-There is housing throughout the island,

-transportation to other island, there is a Maglev train

-Restaurants are scattered throughout, with fresh food supplies. -Housing Loans are given with no interest, by the three banks on the island.

-There is no shortage of power on the island, due to hydraulic generators and solar panels, that was mentioned by energy before.
-There is also of course free Wi-Fi for all our citizens.
-Our industry and resources, flourish that leads to a prosperous lifestyle, without economic worries, and plenty to go around.

- abundant, natural supply of gold, diamonds, and oil will not only last for numerous years

- allow our citizens to have an opportunity to pursue what they wish to do.
-We do export our food, but we import certain items

-We manufacture items in eco- friendly factories

-The Gaps in the H are harbors for new arrivals.
- has exclusive island for government&defenses
-smooth running & safe
-Government- a combination of democracy, technocracy. and oligarchy
-Executive branch made up of founding fathers
-When faced with idea/bill- run through legislative branch, made up of hand picked creative people
-then given to citizens to vote
-founding fathers have executive power
-and military is under first use policy

-Agriculture island where people grow food& raise animals for fresh food
-Motto " Natural or Naught"- gives example of fresh organic produce
-Famous for seafood and curry
-island divided into various sections, for specified purposes
-section for domesticated animals, fruits, vegetables
- supply restaurants with fresh food

- One island is Disney Universe, sole purpose for entertainment
-Tourist attraction for North America, South America & Europe
- Three sections of island, lake Section& Disney section& Universal Section
-Disney section- has many rides, such as Space Mountain, etc.
-In middle of Disney Universe, freshwater lake, where one can engage in water activities
-Universal section where movie production section
- Have specialty restaurants, where anyone can enjoy good food at low prices
- Three five star hotels, provide rest and relief for our guests who come to Hisdanbren
-Naturally occurring flat plateaus for solar panels, near middle bottom
-Generate enough enough power for half maglev tain system
-Underwater ridge provides geothermal energy to H harbor, military base
-Underwater hydroelectric generators, provide rest of energy for remaining islands
- Mostly uninhabited and protected by government
-Great for hippies
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