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About freshwater

ami palmer

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of Freshwater!

FRESHWATER S6E3.a Explain that a large portion of the Earth's surface is water,consisting of oceans,rivers,lakes,underground water,and ice Water is everywhere.It makes up a huge part of Earth.Water is in oceans,rivers,lakes,seas,underground water,and ice.It also helps the water cycle go around. S6E3.b relate various atmospheric conditions to stages of the water cycle During the water cycle, the water changes properties which changes atmospheric conditions.When evaporation takes place,water turns into a vapor or gas which makes the atmosphere very humid and moist.All the vapor floats up because of the sun's energy and turns into a cloud which makes the upper atmosphere very cold from the damp,high elevations.When the damp cloud get full and heavy of wet and damp water vapor it turns into precpitation(rain,sleet,hail,or snow)which is cold water falling from the sky in different forms into bodies of water.Then when the water seeps down into land, it is called percolation.Percolation forms underground caves.Precipitation also creates run-off which is water that flows over land into streams and lakes that later enter the ocean. S6E5.j describe methods for conserving natural resources such as water,soil,and air Water conservation is an issue,but it doesn't have to be! People can conserve water in many ways.Here are some ways to conserve water.
Use a low flow shower head
Take shorter showers
Don't run the water while brushing your teeth
Grow native plants that grow well in your local climate
Only run household cleaning appliances(washer and dishwasher) when full
Hang clothes outside to dry instead of using a dryer S6E5.d describe processes that change rockand the surface of the earth When a fast flowing river has little pebbles that bump and grind along the walls and floor of the river, it is a type of erosion/weathering. Pressure from rain hitting the ground also erodes at surfaces over time. By:Ami Palmer
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