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Orlando, Florida, USA

No description

Emma McCloud

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA
Many people fly into Orlando by using planes. Also, people use boats to sail into different capes and gulfs. There are many cruise ships that go from Florida to the Bahamas and other destinations.

Many people in Florida use cell phones and text messaging to communicate their ideas (as many other places do). Some people still use email, but texting is much more common.
Movement (Continued)
Some exports are: oranges, grapefruit, sugarcane, watermelon, and lumber.

Some imports are: coffee beans, peppers, and cars.
The region of Orlando, FL is the southwestern region. It is in the Central Region of Florida. The continent it is on is North America.

Region (Continued)
The most common languages spoken in Orlando (or most of the US) are English and Spanish.
The country is divided into states, not provinces or republics.
It's similar to its neighbors because the climate. Most of the southern states are very warm/humid. The languages are also pretty similar.
The place (Orlando) is in the United States, and the exact location is 28.4158˚N, 81.2989˚W
If you were to travel in a straight line from Byron Center, MI to Orlando, FL, then you would be traveling 883.46 miles.
Some of Florida's neighbors are Georgia & Alabama
Human-Environment Interaction
The interaction in this area is not so good. It is the center of tourism in Florida, so there are many amusement parks and hotels. When they add onto them, or build new ones, they have to cut down trees. Also, at the parks (let's say Disney World), many people just throw their trash on the ground instead of throwing it away (which doesn't make sense, because there's a trashcan every 30 steps).
Human-Environment Interaction (Continued)
They use the land for industry, as there are many parks
People have changed the land a lot. They build lots of hotels and resorts and things like that, but they have to cut down trees and destroy habitats in order to do this.
Orlando is not by a coastline, mountains, or a river.
I think people would move there because it is a nice-looking city, and there are many different places to visit there (Universal Studios, Disney World, etc.). Also, the climate is wonderful. It is warm, but sometimes humid.
Orlando is a city itself. It is the 5th largest city in Florida.
Population: 238,300 people
57% of that population is white, 28% is African American, 25% is Hispanic, 3% is Asian, etc.
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