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The Strangers That Came To Town

No description

Dean Barrett

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Strangers That Came To Town

Short Story Seminar
By: Dean, Marco, and Dilanga
• Written in the first person
• Andy the narrator tells a story about a family moving in to town
• Narrators and his family are curious about the new arrival.

Syringa street
This story is set in the mid to late 1900s in America. this story is introduced with a dark, stormy gloomy atmosphere, but transitions into a beautiful quiet urban neighborhood.
"Syringa Street seemed to be a friendly street. It was a crooked maple-shady country lane that wound through the town without losing its charm. There were brilliant flower gardens, vegetable plots, fruit trees and a few hen houses.".
Character Sketch
The Duvitches (Dynamic)
A big family who emigrated from a small smug town.
Duvitch boys have pale dark eyes, and looks solemn.
Mr. Duvitch is very skinny, with blue eyes, and kicked about look.
Missing body parts.
They are generous.
They are marked people.
Meek and quiet
Mrs. Duvitch has a skin disease.
Bad luck struck the family.
Sicknesses plagued the family like typhoid, whooping cough and measles.
Duvitches have a dog named Kasimar
Furnish and cloth themselves with garbage.
Mrs. Duvitch is a great nurse and fearless.
Duvitches become social among the community.
They become accepted.

Literary Devices
personification is used to intensify the atmosphere and the setting in this story.
. "The moon, bright as day, sailed high in the purple sky, dimming the starfire, casting a great white shaft of quivering radiance on the water, but it was all hideous.The treetops whispered as if in conspiracy against us."

"The Strangers That Came To Town" by Ambrose Flack
• The two brother had collected the right amount fish.
• They show the fish to their father.
• Both of them take it to the Duvitch house and apologizes.

Falling action:
• Andys family is invited to the Duvitches house.
• They all have a meal together.
• The two families start to spend more time together.

• Duvitch family becomes very recognized in the community.
• People came to the Duvitches’ house when they had problem.
The narrators father says “Who would have dreamed that the Duvitches have so much more to offer us than we have to offer them”
• The Duvitch family fit in with the rest of the community.


• Freedom is about being accepted by the people around you.
• People mocked the Duvitch family.
• Andy and Tom poisoned their fish.
• The Duvitch family kids were judge by what they ate and how they dressed.
“Before she could put a stop to it, some of their classmates scoffed at the leaf, lard and black bread sandwiches they ate for lunch, huddled in one corner of the recreation room, dressed in boiled-out rag pickers’ clothes”.
• Even the school principle hated the Duvitch kids.

Rising Action:
• Tom and Andy poisons the Duvitches fish they caught.
• Father catches them because of the guilt on their faces.
• They get punished for what they did.

Inciting Incident:
• People in town see something suspicious about the new family that came to their town.
• Duvitch family was the only family in that town who were struggling financially.
• Community see themselves as socially, intellectually and culturally superior to these foreigners.

Durston's pond
When they arrive at the pond the two things that are immediately noticed by all characters are the heat and the mosquitoes.
The atmosphere is very tense and uncomfortable, and the boys feel as though even nature itself doesnt want them to catch the fish.
"Each hour was an eternity of frenzy and I fairly panted for the light of dawn to come, but even now I cannot decide which was worse, that night with the mosquitoes on Durston's Pond or the following day in the blistering heat."
"Instead of a wretched abode we found a scantily furnished home that shone with cleanliness and smelled of spicy garden pinks."
imagery is used throughout the story to describe their physical surroundings.
1. What as the name of the Duvitches dog?
2. What were the two literary terms used in the story?
3. What was the street the story took place on?
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