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No description

Yasmin Notivoli

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of ICEHOTEL

About Icehotel
The environment
2012, New vision
What’s next
At last The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is a magical piece of architecture which is created entirely out of ice and snow each year. Set against Lapland’s enchanting backdrop of fragrant pine trees, this wondrous hotel offers an awe-inspiring experience both inside and out. The hotel is located in the village of Jukkasjärvi (about 17 kilometres from Kiruna) in northern Sweden. Everything from the ceiling struts right down to the chairs is made from ice, the ice itself dredged in the hundreds of tons from a nearby river. ICEHOTEL is the original, spawning many parallels globally however it remains the greatest, an icon among icons in the world of hotels.
The exquisite interior of the ICEHOTEL is meticulously sculpted from large blocks of ice where you can admire magnificent pieces of carved artwork and furniture.
After its first opening in 1990, the hotel has been erected each year from December to April. Everything from the ceiling struts right down to the chairs is made from ice, snow and ice blocks. The ice itself is dredged in the hundreds of tons from a nearby river called the Torne River. The structure remains below freezing, around 23 °F (5 °C).

THE ICEHOTEL Done by: Yasmin T.Notivoli About The ICEHOTEL About ICEHOTEL Contents: About The ICEHTOEL It is not only the largest of its kind, it was also the first one ever built and features a lounge, two restaurants and a choice of either warm or cold accommodation.
The ICEHOTEL How it all started If you can build a hotel of snow and ice in a village 200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, which strikes the world with amazement - nothing is impossible. Listen to Yngve Bergqvist, the founder of ICEHOTEL, tell his story. The Environment Torne River is the source or inspiration and the building material of ICEHOTEL. Each summer, the loan is given back
to the river and ICEHOTEL is
once again fresh, flowing water. However, the activities taken inside the hotel affects the climate after all. That is why we the ICEHOTEL decided to be
become CO2negative (carbon dioxide negative) by the year 2015. In spring 2008 Gävle Energi, Sweden's most environment-friendly energy company, and ICEHOTEL patented the brand name CO2negativ in order to achieve the goal of producing more renewable energy than what the hotel consumes. Today ICEHOTEL buys electricity that is Källmärkt, i.e.100% renewable energy. This means that the hotel does not emit carbon dioxide through the energy consumption. Källmärkt electricity ensures that the total electricity supply is based on renewable energy, such as
wind, water and

THE ENVIRONMENT Building the hotel The dropping of the temperature to several degrees below zero in Jukkasjärvi marks the start of an ephemeral art endeavour.
Using only frozen water from the Torne River, artists from all over the world gather in this small village to create an exclusive art exhibition: ICEHOTEL.
The snow and ice, once extracted are stored in a production hall capable of holding 10,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow. 1000 tons of ice is used for construction while the rest is used for the elaborate designs in the ABSOLUT ICEBAR, a centre-piece of the hotel in which everything including the drinks glasses are made from ice. Snow is used to help strengthen the ice structure of the hotel and the rest of the ice is used in promotional events and product launches across the world. A team of artists and designers begin sculpting the hotel in November and
each year they create a different theme and layout to evoke a new experience for guests. The hotel offers not only both cold and warm accommodation, but also tours to the northern mountains and fjords, conference room, ice bar and a place to hold the weddings.
This hotel sleeps over 100 guests, and every bedroom is unique. There's a pillar hallway and the lobby has seats made of blocks of ice covered with reindeer skins, an ice chandelier, and a pretend ice TV. The hotel stays open as long as the weather permits (late April to early May) but sooner or later, Mother Nature decides that the season is over. Bit by bit, she takes back her building materials, and the hotel gradually trickles back into the River Torne. 2012 Reception: Frosty Forest

Lilya Pobornikova and Viktor Tsarski have brought brilliant, technique and vision to ICEHOTEL for the past six years. Lilya is a world-renowned sculptor and Viktor is anarchitect and they are from Bulgaria.
Designed by Lilya Pobornikova & Viktor Tsarski

Main Hall: Tributary Tribute

Designed by: Arne Bergh, Åke Larsson, Sofi Ruotsalainen, Mikael "Nille" Nilsson, Janne Haglöf & Peter Sörwing Water is essential. The Main Hall gives tribute to this force as textured snow walls scoop up and gently toss the visitors into the magical currents of the Torne River.
Waves of emotions wash over
as the visitors allow their
eyes to follow the ice surf
that runs through the middle
of the space; and lifts up to
the ice chandelier as it
crests and brings back full
Frozen Love Benny Ekman, Sweden, has thrilled ICEHOTEL guests for several years with his infectious humor. He brings this animated style to his sculptures, paintings and illustrations.
This year, Benny brings this age-
old sentiment to his suite Frozen
Love. In there, you feel
anything but cold. The suite gives
a feeling of frozen in time -
a moment so wonderful, so
magical that a person wants to
freeze it to keep it forever.
And Yet She Moves

Four talents merge to improvise this unexpected assignment through spontaneous design decisions. Javier Opazo, Jens Thoms Ivarsson and Mats Nilsson returned to ICEHOTEL to design and build the ice church. Newcomer, Ethan Friedman, joins them. These professional designers said "yes" when asked to design this suite, as a warm-up before building the ice church.
Enter And Yet She Moves and be met with a sitting area for reflection, as there is so much to absorb! Waves of snow walls keep you slightly off balance as you are then caught and grounded by exquisite ice sculptures. As you recharge in your ice bed, draw strength from these voluminous sculptures.
Rock 'n' Ice

Designed by: Mats Persson, Joel Johansson, Merja Halonen, Ulrika Hellby, Sam Gusfors, David Andrén, Johanna Holmberg, James McClean & Kari Kristine Johnsen.
Snow immediately causes us to feel young and ICEHOTEL combines that sense of nostalgia with wonderment to its guests. The suit throws its visitors back into the 1980's as if they’re a snowball once entering the suite Rock 'n' Ice.The suit consists of ice pinball machine, ice guitar and an ice dream car where people can sit and rest. An ice lava lamp and an enveloping canopy bed.
Penguin's Era

Designed by: Egle Saladziute & Erika Irmler
Penguin's Era brings another perspective to this ancient wise creature; one of respect and contemplation. Within a moment you also can't help but feel such serenity. Calmness comes over you as you are wrapped
in crisp, prestige white
snow walls. Penguin
eggs that have been
sculpted from ice
enveloped with snow and
lit from inside produce
a warm glow. A penguin
egg bed with inner self
Velocity and Hidden Treasure

Childhood memories of building snow fortresses and icy castles come alive as you enter Velocity and Hidden Treasure. This snow filled suite creates an Arctic playground that will remind you of a fairy tale. Climb up the snow hill and slide down around the snow chute, but don't slide too quickly as you will miss the hidden treasure. Icy stalagmites will guide your way through, as you leave this suite feeling like a child.
Jens Dyvik and David Luxembourgh come back from Holland to ICEHOTEL for the second time and invite us to explore our playful sides.
Hea ven Who would think one could find a warm cocoon to rest while in this frigid Lapland village? Winter snow walls become spring like homes for beautiful ice butterflies. While listening to the musical fluttering of their wings, it the visitor can climb into the magical bed and continue the silvery icy weave of the cocoon. English Mark Armstrong and Irish Dave Ruane bring several years of experience and talent to this year's creation. They have both worked with each facet of ICEHOTEL; as suite designers, in the construction and support team and with several installations of ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL.

As you enter Attraction your heart may beat a little faster and your cheeks may begin to blush. How can ice and
snow walls produce such
sensations? Maurizio
Perron knows the magic
of the magnetic pull, he
plays with our hearts as
he creates fields of ice
and snow in such
proximity one can't help but be drawn in. Pause as you enter the space in between the walls and feel the electricity. Evolution Francisco, originally from Chile and residing in Berlin, Germany, joins ICEHOTEL for his third year. As you turn the corner from the corridor into the entrance of Evolution you are at once confused and curious. An ice brick wall stands before you. Francisco Cortés Zamudio invites us to take that turn, work through the negative and become stronger through the struggle. Once inside you are welcomed by the light of the flame at the head of your ice bed. Gaze upon the sun, planets and moons. Sleep peacefully as the five ice elements of water, earth, wind, fire and conscience guide through your personal evolution. Fibonacci Room

A curve, a flow, a shape that feels so familiar. Images; organic images swirl in your heart as your head calculates the mathematical sense of this ice filled space. Fibonacci Room follows the numerical theory that transcends to universal biological and anatomic forms. Jan Willem van der Schoot and Jeanette van Steen have transformed this suite into the spiral form of the Nautilus shell. Source of Life

Rob Harding and Timsam Harding are the dynamic father-son team from Malaga, Spain. Rob, originally from England, has come to ICEHOTEL for the third time. This is his second suite with Timsam. Fluid snow walls, majestic ice sculptures with an ice constructed sleeping cavern quench our thirst for the mystery of life. Coffee Mudra

Swedish artist Nina Hedman brings humor and whimsy to each ICEHOTEL suite she designs. Nephew Magnus Hedman cooperates for the second time. All senses are filled to the brim as the eye follows the ice video clips in your brain, past the snow and ice podium that holds the coffee cup and leads to the female Buddah. An iced bed is centered in the room illustrating the maternal whispers of encouragement. Kraken's Lair

Swedish designers Karl-Johan Ekeroth and Christian Strömqvist bring incredibly executed fantasy and folklore to ICEHOTEL. They make building with ice and snow seem like child's play. Looming snow tentacles that sway with the tides are everywhere. Snow tentacle wrap
around the suite
entrance and grabbing
visitors from the
corridor to see the
beautifully sculpted
ice Viking ship. Sleep

Australian-born and Berlin-based Jodi Rose brings an original talent to ICEHOTEL as she composes music using the sounds produced from bridges. Justin TylerTate is an equally talented multi-media artist from Canada residing in Estonia. Arctic life is one of contrast; the warmth of it's inhabitants in the coldest of climates. Sleep Span envelops contrast. Structurally precise ice I-beams frame the bridge under which you may take shelter and sleep. Industrial elegant lines of the ice bridge mixed with the rough, almost romantic accessories of ice oil drums and cardboard boxes. Snow bricks allow the light to peep through the ice wall. Flamingo Blush

The Arctic Circle is stark, cold and without many comforts. Frozen tundra is the unlikely backdrop for the extravagance experience in the Luxury Suite, Flamingo Blush.The Flamingo illustrates the most exotic of creatures come with surprise and mouth-dropping awe. In ancient Egypt she was the symbol of the Sun God Ra; soak in the life, light and energy that she brings. Indulge yourself knowing you are surrounded by the biggest luxury on earth, fresh water. Follow the flow of the riverbank to your best involves risk. Marinus, an actor, performs his own stunts during performances to ensure the best results. Church

The church consists of simple complexity of ecumenical symbols; twelve ice windows and twelve ice benches remind us of the twelve disciples. The seven ice pillars, representing the other planets in our solar system and the days of the week, will hold up your soul. Chilean Javier Opazo returns to ICEHOTEL having previously designed art suites. Swedish Jens Thoms Ivarsson and Mats Nilsson are also familiar faces at ICEHOTEL designing art suites, ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL and the reception. Ethan Friedman from the UK is experiencing our northern wonderland for the first time Jukkasjärvi is translated into meeting place Lena Kriström has created the classical Piazza using larger than life ice profiles with a snow bench-like base. Lena enjoys a long history of Arctic art, snow and ice sculpting.


Whats Next? A team of artists and designers begin sculpting the hotel in November and each year they create a different theme and layout to evoke a new experience for guests. Every year the Ice Hotel sculpts a church out of pure ice and snow where about 150 couples marry each year at the ice church.
However, now an 'ice mosque' is the latest project for the iconic hotel. “We are open to everything and we practice freedom of religion here in Jukkasjärvi,” said Yngve Bergqvist, CEO of Ice Hotel. "We have visitors from all over the world and many come from places like London or Saudi Arabia. We thought it might be a fun idea, seeing as we already have an ice church," Bergqvist added.
There is still no exact time frame for the ice mosque's construction yet. However, they are expecting it to be done for the year 2013-2014.
Imam Mahmoud Aldebe, head of the Swedish Muslim Association, said the idea has been well received reports the Telegraph. “It would be a new way of seeking dialogue between different cultures and religions. Perhaps an imam could be there and tell tourists and other visitors what it means to be Muslim,”.
Like the ice church, the ice mosque won't be an exclusive building and will only exist from December 23 until the end of April when the structures forming the hotel melt in the spring.

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