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Graduate Studies (Policies and Procedures)_By Balqis Al Braiki

Available at Prezzip.com

Your Prezis

on 12 March 2018

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Transcript of Graduate Studies (Policies and Procedures)_By Balqis Al Braiki

Important Dates
Spring 2017
Separate Elements
3D background
These 4 colored rectangles you can crop
anyway you like!
The maximum period of study for the master degree is
8 standard semesters

12 standard semesters
for PhD
Maximum semesters to postpone are 2

separate semesters)
The minimum credits required for the master Degree is
(30) credit hours
If student’s absences in any course
of the total class meeting time for the semester

Student Absence
Add & Drop Procedures


Graduate Studies
Open Day

Registration Department
Enrollment Deanship
Important Events in Spring 2017
All Graduate students
register during
Add and Drop period
, to avoid any admission postponement

Make sure that the Credit hours are equal to bill hours
For Thesis Plan Students, Make sure to register all thesis credit hours required
In case, you did not schedule for defense yet , you must register
0 ( Zero) Credit within the study period of Master Programs

Study Duration &
Academic Standing
A graduate student may be given an Academic Probation in the following cases:
A graduate student whose cumulative GPA at the end of any semester is
below 3.00
will be placed on
Academic Probation
A graduate student who is on Academic Probation and whose semester GPA at the end of the semester is
below 3.00
will receive
Second Academic Probation
A graduate student who is on
Second Academic Probation
and whose semester GPA at the end of the semester is
below 3.00
will be
from the University
Academic Dismissal
If the student obtains fail
grade (F)
in more than one compulsory or elective courses in single semester
If the student, being under an
academic probation
for 2 semesters
If the student
to successfully
complete the requirements
of the targeted degree within the stipulated period of time
If the student has
the maximum semesters of
either not register or by Student request
Repetition of Courses
A graduate student may repeat once no more than two (2) different degree-credit courses in which he/she has received a grade less than “B
Studying Bachelor Courses
Students who
required to study some
Bachelor co
urses (
12 Credit Hrs.
), they
pay for courses same tuition for the Master courses
Payment methods
Cash payment will
NO longer
be accepted by UAEU cashier

Credit Card
Payments in the Cashier Office

Cash deposit in UAEU account , Original deposit slip
must be
submitted to UAEU cashier for processing the payment with student name & ID

Fax or photocopies will
not be accepted
as proof of payment

Secure online ePayment – log on to:

Enrollment Deanship
Registration Department
Balqis Al Braiki

Will receive “
” grade
Failed the course for lack of attendance
The minimum credits required for the
PhD Degree
is (
) credit hours in
& at least (
) credit hours in
For PhD students:

A second
attemp in the examination leads to immediate termination !
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