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Comm. Arts poem presentation


Kaley Brown

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Comm. Arts poem presentation

Poems By : Kaley Brown A Fish Through a Stream

Music winds through our souls
like a fish through water
flowing gracefully
a waterfall in our minds
on it's wings it takes us away
a great bird through the sky

Music shows us how to live
a guider, a mentor
it has many emotions
changing with the rythm
it brings us together
an invisible rope binding us to one another

Music stays with us
always, forever
in our hearts Sleep Soundly

You sleep soundly now
little one
ignorant to the chaos
that rages all around you

You're peaceful
and painfully unaware that in a few hours time
you shall be awoken
by a series of gunshots
and your mother's scream

And all around you
will be soaked in blood
you mother's body
laying silently by your crib
a shadow covered face
slipping out your door

Your sister's cries
soon echo the halls
a loud bang
then your sister's screams
are silenced forever
like your mother's

You will begin to cry as you hear footsteps
returning to your room
the man steps through the door
your cries get louder
the gun pointed at you

So sleep soundly now
little one
before sirens wail
and it all ends Shining Mercy

Seasons slip sofly away
floating freely through time
untamed and uncontrolled
at the sun's shining mercy

Summer slyly sizzles us
Autumn amazingly is mild
Winter will not warm us
Spring brings salvation
to our frozen world

Seasons slipping through our grasp
flying away freely
we wish they would last
at the sun's shining mercy A Thousand Memories

Wooden frames,
they line these halls
a thousand memories
lined up to call

Telling stories
of years past
that the takers
felt needed to last

They wind down
the corridor
some left, some right
over there many more

Some battered,
ancient and stained
some shiny,
still unmaimed

A boy on a tricycle
laughs from the frame
as if he will never
feel any pain

An old man
grins with all his moght
to his shoulders
a boy clings tight

These pictures go on
like stories do
the momories I've saved
just for you The Everlasting Tree

This tree, it has seen many years
many moments in time
longer than anyone has lived

Once surrounded
by a vibrant forest
it now sits
lonely and desolate

Many years
have passed
since it was beautiful,
green and leafy

Now it's black
charred and dead
as if a million
lightning bolts had struck it

It has seen violence,
wars and fighting
it has seen desperation,
for money, for food

It has seen the high points
the low points
the evolution of this world

This tree, it has stood strong
for hundreds of years
and will go on

forever These Years

These years seem to last forever
and yet we're sad to see them go
They're ballons, floating up into the sky
the string just out of reach These years are full of memories
some painful to relive
others make us smile,
the best times in our lives These years are picture frames
lining the halls
a direct link
to the memories we have These years make us laugh
yet they make us cry
but they remind us of our friends
the ones we could never let go These years have taught us lessons
you can fall up stairs as well as down
and it is always good
to have someone there to catch you These years have lead us
to friende we'll have forever
and laughs
that will last a life time These years have changed us all
for better, maybe worse
but we all know
we'll never forget them Moon Rondeau

Beginnings are silver
shining like the moon,
like leaves dripping dew into the waters

Endings gleam copper and gold
varnished plaques to the garden of life
binding togher people
like a windy evening The end.
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