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Legal Separation: It's Effects on Children - Copy

Thesis - Seaver

Sydney Arin Go

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Legal Separation: It's Effects on Children - Copy

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN? Legal Separation Divorce Annulment Legal Separation: Its Effects on Children Legal Reasons Legal Reasons Consequences Causes Causes Problems Physical Problems Educational Problems Financial Problems "Sleeper Effect" Emotional Problems Sexual Problems Single Mother Single Father Children of Legal Separation Common Misconceptions Social Problems Til death do us part then THE STORY OF MARRIAGE Because.. Then... Fears of rejection, abandonment, loss, and betrayal More vulnerable to hurt Reduction in psychological well- being Depression in young adulthood Low- life satisfaction Higher chance of early sexual encounter More probability of getting divorce; romantic relationship fails more Higher chance of getting sick More prone to sickness due to sex and vices Have poor relationships towards others Delinquent behaviors Fear of commitment and intimacy Poor relationship with parents Lower grade point average Less chance of finishing high school and going to college More absences More chance of dropping out of school More chances to poverty Lower educational attainment Low income; decreased assets Delayed reaction Comes out later in life especially during marriages Good mother- child relationship Good father- child relationship Good grandparent- child relationship Good discipline set by custodial parent Seen a good, healthy, and positive adult couple relationship Belief in God How? Emotional Effects Emotional Effects Economic Devastation Remarriage Statistics Of Divorce Statistics in Philippines Child Custody in the Philippines Child Custody in Divorce Divorce Annulment Consequences Til death do us part THE STORY OF MARRIAGE then
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