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Video games

By Patricio, Pierre, Mauricio and Icio

David Smith

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Video games

Introduction Many people think video games are negative, but today we are going to prove you that they have many positive sides. Facts Scientists have proven that many video games are able to improve many autistic people. They also have proven it helps people that have had a stroke.

They have proven video games make you socialize more with friends and with other people that also play video games. Skills video games give you They improve your hand skills.

They make you do many things at the same time (multitasking).

It improves your hand eye coordination.

They have proven that when you concentrate in the video games you concentrate in real life.

It improves your accuracy. The Positive Side of Video Games By Patricio, Pierre, Mauricio F, Mauricio Bibliography











http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Portada Central Idea The way we use our free time has an effect on our education. Lines of inquiry

How video games work? Lines of inquiry How do video games work?

How do video games impact our lives?

How to balance your free time? Our Guiding Key Questions In what way do video games help autistic people?

Why do people create video games?

Why do people think video games only have negative aspects? Thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed. Thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed. Thank you for watching we hope you enjoyed. Video games survey2012-2013 1) Have you ever played a video game?YesNo2) If you don’t play video games skip to number 5.3) How much time do you play video games a week? Including mine craft.1 hour_____________________________________________________________________________3 hours_____________________________________________________________________________5 hours______________________________________________________________________________7 hours______________________________________________________________________________More than 7 hours_________________________________________________________4) What have you learned on a video game?Math______________________________________________________________________ Reading___________________________________________________________________Doing two thing at the same time_______________________________________Planning___________________________________________________________________5) Do you think video games are good or bad?Good______________________________________________________________________________Bad Flow Chart Pierre Icio PATO Pato Pierre Mauricio d Pato maurcio d Pierre icio script mom: stop playing video games
pato:no they are good
pato:no mom
thief:oh my good
police and thats why videogames are good. Time Line hi mr hi
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