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Mr J Daykin

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of ch

Christianity by: Shan, Hana, Navi, Diana, Ruhaan, Rajan, Amy, Aisha, Jonathan and Camelia
The largest population
China has the largest population of Christian people.
Famous people
The buildings are called Church, Chapel and Cathedral.
This is what Chistian people wear especially
Most priests wear a collar.

The Cathedral is the biggest Christian building and there are two in Coventry.
This is a cathedral.
Christians drink wine and eat bread for special celebrations like Christmas. They eat bread and drink wine to remember Jesus . There are many other food such as milk, honey, grapes, lamb and olives .

The Bible is read in the church by a Vicar or Priest .Sometimes the word of Jesus is colour coordinated. The word Bible comes from the Greeks. Christians believe this book to be the true Word of God. The Bible has 66 books.

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’s birth. It is celebrated on the 25th December by millions of people around the world. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world’s nations. People still don’t know the exact month of Jesus’s birth.


Jesus is a very important, famous person in the Christian relgion.
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