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Influential - British Invasion/Beatlemania


jay fieser

on 26 April 2009

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Transcript of Influential - British Invasion/Beatlemania

Influential “But I've looked out at audiences, I've seen the effect some of these songs -- it's like, it's hard to be me and sing them.”
- Paul McCartney The Beatles were welcomed by screaming fans when they arrived in America in 1964. They had already become known here due to "I Want to Hold Your Hand" having massive radio play and chart success. Their performance during The Ed Sullivan Show marked not only the British Invasion, but the "Beatlemania" phenomenon. Many British bands of a similar style to The Beatles or of who possesed different sound than what America had heard came over as a part of the British Invasion in the footsteps of The Beatles.
Such As: The Who The Yardbirds The Rolling Stones The screams of teenage girls in the audience often caused the music to not even be heard The Beatles eventually stopped playing concerts for reasons such as these. It has also been said that they had accumulated enough money from record sales/merchandise that they no longer needed money from concerts. The music on their recent albums at the time had also become too complicated to replicate on stage. The influence of The Beatles and the music of the British Invasion is easily seen in the music of today. Without these things, the music we listen to now, no matter what style, would not be the same. The Beatles' last concert was at Candlestick Park in 1966, but they would keep on making records up until their breakup. "Beatlemania" was the period of time during the British Invasion when The Beatles were at the height of their success, mainly among teenagers (girls, mainly) in America. During this time, The Beatles merchandise became widely popular. Nearly all of the teenagers involved in the "Beatlemania" phenomenon had some kind of merchandise.
Some examples of merchandise to promote The Beatles: Beatles Wigs
Beatle Boots
T-shits and Beach Shirts
Egg Cups
Rings, Pppendants, etc.
Plastic Instruments
Dolls, including Inflateable, Rubber, and Life-sized
Bubble Bath Mix
Baskin Robbins put out a flavor of ice cream - "Beatle Nut"

The Kinks The Zombies "I think [the Beatles] allowed the British Invasion to happen. I don't think any other groups would have paved the way."

"I remember the period well, living through it, I didn't think we thought we needed something to lift the nation up. It's only looking back on it now, you realize the nation was depressed. I think now it's obvious -- we needed something."

-Fred Bronson, billboard chart historian
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