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Miniature Books

No description

Hillary Russell

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Miniature Books

Presentation by Hillary Russell and Alicia York
Miniature Books
Miniature Book Production
Early Manuscripts
Early Printed Books
Thumb Bibles
Miniature Libraries
Near and Far East
19th Century Continental Europe
19th Century Great Britian
20th Century Western Europe
20th Century Eastern Europe
20th Century United States
Modern & Contemporary Presses
"The layout and construction of a miniature book must be extremely precise, for even the tiniest of errors is magnified due to the small scale. It is not unusual for a book to be several years in the making."
-Nancy Fiumera, The Studio at Far Enough
Miniature bookbinding equipment
Miniature book builder in his studio
They are Giants, short film
19th Century United States
World's Smallest Book! (Currently)

Modern & Contemporary Presses Cont.
Babylonian cuneiform tablet, ca. 2047-2039 B.C.
Ethiopian manuscript
Smallest Renaissance manuscript
Book of Hours, Belgium, ca. 1440
Fragment from a 15th Cen. book of devotions
Greek classic printed by Foulis brothers in Glasgow, 1754
The New Testament in Shorthand,
about 1700
Curiosities of the Tower of London,
Infant's Own Bookcase,
Infant's Cabinet of Flowers,
The Infant's Cabinet of the Cries of London,
Dharani from the Muku Jo-ko Sutra,
Examples of Hazletine's Pocket Book Almanacs
Fruits of Philosophy,
Printed in Cleveland, OH in 1900
The Little Old Woman of X
1910, 1912
The Mansion House
American Tobacco, 1939
Tiffany and Company
Calendar for 1910
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Czech Republic, 2013
John Steinbeck's
Cannery Row
The Chameleon
Myohro Regeko,
Moral Precepts, Translated from the English into Hindoostany Verse,
ABC An Abecedarian of the Trees
From The Studio at Far Enough
Teeny Ted from Turnip Town was standing in the street singing his favorite turnip tune and tapping with his feet
Turnips Turnips Turnips
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