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WHMIS presentation - Niagara Region

Hilary Visser

on 20 November 2012

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WHMIS What is WHMIS? WHMIS stands for:
W Workplace
H Hazardous
M Materials
I Information
S System Responsibilities Absorption Ingestion Injection How can hazardous materials affect me? Why do I need to know about WHMIS? WHMIS doesn't affect me? Actually, WHMIS effects everyone... The following parties are responsible for compliance under WHMIS legislation: The Government
YOU In order to help you
identify hazards within
your work environment,
WHMIS uses these symbols: Suppliers place labels on controlled products to help identify hazardous materials, a label may look something like this; MSDS sheets contain:
product information
hazardous ingredients
fire and explosion data
preventative measures
first aid measures. MSDS is the backup to the label and it must;
be updated every 3 years
be available to all employees
be located in the workplace Material Safety Data Sheets •  Entry through skin, or mucous membranes 
•  Includes splashes, mists, spills, and vapours – may cause burns 
•  May be absorbed and 
affect another part of the body •  Caused by eating, drinking or smoking with contaminated hands or in contaminated areas 
•  Caused by eating or drinking from contaminated containers •  Punctures from sharp objects 
•  Broken glass 
•  Open wound
•  Pressurized vessel leaks Well this can't happen to me... Anything can happen if you're not prepared, as this video will demonstrate What did Barry do wrong?

What did his company do wrong?

What did the supplier do wrong? Did you know? WHMIS apps are available on Android phones as well as Iphone's! These apps allow you to... Review your responsibilities
WHMIS guidelines (symbols, and labels)
Search for Hazardous Materials MSDS
Share MSDS sheets on Twitter, Facebook or other social media outlets WHMIS
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