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Scribendi Information Session

This presentation provides an outline for the making of a magazine.

Andrew Quick

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Scribendi Information Session

Our staff this year! What is Scribendi? A student produced fine arts and literary magazine. Who can submit? Any student in a WRHC Honors Program. There are 220 different schools in the WRHC. This year we published 56 works, by 50 individuals from 22 WRHC universities. What can be submitted? Visual Art Essays Digital Art Cover Design Short Fiction Creative Nonfiction Film Music Photography How do we select works to publish? Blind jury process. Every staff member reads and evaluates every submission individually. The staff then collectively discusses and votes to publish works. This year, each staff member read and evaluated 427 different submissions. How do we make the magazine? InDesign CS4 Photoshop Copyediting Illustrator Design Principles Who can work on staff? Any sophomore, junior, or senior that is enrolled and in the honors program for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 can apply. Contact Dr. Leslie Donovan, the Scribendi faculty advisor. What can Scribendi do for you? Learn design principles for print and electronic media Publishing skills with Adobe InDesign Work experience Tangible product to add to a portfolio Network within Honors, UNM, WRHC, and NCHC Advanced copyediting skills Professional vocabulary to discuss art, literature, film, and music But what if I'm not an English Major or Minor? Scribendi staff come from all walks of life and degrees. Students pursuing degrees in science, math, education, art, theater, architecture and yes, even English have been on staff.
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