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Improving Day-By-Day: Continuous Improvement at Heinz

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Jacqualin Bell

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Improving Day-By-Day: Continuous Improvement at Heinz

Improving Day-By-Day: Continuous Improvement at Heinz
Approaches to Organisational Change
Which one is better?
The Heinz Global Performance System and it's impact upon the structure, technology and people of the Heinz Organisation
How has the HGPS produced changes in structure, technology and people within the organisation?
Introduction to Heinz
"Change is the only constant."
Innovation and Creativity at Heinz
Which approach do you
think Heinz uses and why?
White Water Rapids!
“Change is the only constant, and that’s just the way we want it”
Mini Quiz
Question 1
Which of the following is not a part of Kurt Levin's 3-step process?
a) Refreezing
b) Maintaining
c) Unfreezing
d) Changing

Question 1
Which of the following can be a barrier to change?
a) Minimal planning
b) Uncertainty
c) No motivation
d) Size of the business

Question 3
Which of the following is a characteristic of an idea champion?
a) Confident
b) Bossy
c) Persistent
d) A & C
Question 2
What does HGPS stand for?
a) Heinz Global Performance Scheme
b) Heinz Global Performance System
c) Heinz Global Produce System
d) Heinz Global Production Scheme

Question 3
What was the purpose of the HGPS?
a) To establish an approach to manage change which is globally consistent
b) To improve productivity
c) To incorporate 'constant change' into the organisation's culture
d) All of the above
Question 4
Modern organisations face constantly changing market conditions, customer demands, technologies, input costs and ...
a) competition
b) consumption
c) cash flow
d) concepts
Question 5
From the video shown earlier, what is
change management
a) Trying to come up with ways to aid change in the organisation
b) Ignoring the impact of the changes
c) Managing the impact of changes on workers

Question 6
Which of the following was not mentioned in the video as a typical response to change?
a) A critic who opposes change
b) A victim who panics with change
c) A leader who demonstrates change
d) A navigator who is empowered by change
What barriers to change might the company have experienced with the HGPS?
How could the organisation have dealt with these barriers?
Throughout this presentation, we have been discussing the implementations of the Heinz Global Performance System. Can you think of any innovative ideas which can aid in the ultimate growth of the organisation?
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Teresa Amaible-

"the production of novel ideas in any public domain"

"the successful application of creative ideas in an organisational context"
How does Heinz use the HGPS (Heinz Global Performance System to foster innovation and creativity?
Increased productivity:
It has encouraged employee involvement in areas such as:

-Waste management

The system engages the entire workforce with the process of change.
What's next?
-Business assessment
-Developing a business plan
Throughout the many customisable plans achieved through the HGPS, Heinz can:
Track the progress of each individual branch.
Track the ability of each branch in reaching their goals and plans.
Heinz can compare the progress of other factories and gather information about that area's demographic.
A factory can benchmark itself against others.

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