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diane hargett

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Pirates

Hargett Pirates!! John Bartholomew Roberts Charles Vane Anne Bonny All pirates are different, but there are some things they share in common. Most pirates like the two I chose are men, but there were two women pirates, like Anne Bonny. "Black Bart " was different than others, because he was the most successful pirate ever, because he captured 470 vessels. The pirates I chose all lived in the 1600-1700's period. Lots of pirates catch sicknesses, because they do not take care of themselves. Similarities and Differences There still are raging pirates today. Most pirates today use modern weapons. They use machine guns, automatic rifles, and speedboats. They plan attacks with radios and computers. Most pirates these days are found near the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Somalia, and Singapore.The world's estimated annual loss due to piracy is 13-16 billion dollars. A report tells that 72% of pirate attacks are now on anchored ships, where the pirates steal the ships or valuable cargo. Not all pirates steal riches, some attempt to disrupt others' activities by throwing rancid butter. Modern Day Pirates What is a Pirate? A pirate is a person who robs and attacks ships at sea. John Roberts is also known as "Black Bart.'' "Black Bart" was born in 1682 and died while fighting the HMS Swallow. Roberts was a Welsh pirate who terrorized America and Africa. John Roberts was one of the most successful pirates ever; he captured 470 vessels. Anne Bonny was probably the most respected woman of the seas ever. Anne was an Irish pirate, who married James Bonny. Anne Bonny was born in 1702 and killed in 1782. Anne Bonny was an expert with a pistol and cutlass. Anne Bonny sailed with John Rackham and Mary Read. When Anne fought she dressed as a man. Charles Vane was an English privateer who turned to
piracy in 1716. Vane only attacked the French and English. Charles Vane set his base in the Bahamas. On February 1, 1718 Vane was cornered by Vincent Pearse, who was the commander of the HMS Phoenix. When Vane was cornered, he accepted royal pardon. He was executed in 1721 at Gallows Point, Port Royal, Jamaica.
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