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Chemical and Physical Weathering

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shannon mcintyre

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Chemical and Physical Weathering

Chemical and Physical Weathering Chemical Weathering The process that breaks down material atom by atom through chemical reactions.

This process can be caused by: Weathering The process of wearing down rocks into tiny bits called sediment. Physical Weathering Tears apart rocks by breaking them or physically fracturing them.

Physical weathering is caused by: Abrasion the wearing away of rocks by its particles being carried away by water, ice, wind, or gravity. Ice (Frost Wedging) this occurs when water seeps into cracks in the rock and freezes. As water freezes it expands, forcing the rock apart. Carbon Dioxide When carbon dioxide dissolves in water it creates an acid. This acid easily weathers certain types of rock such as marble and limestone. Oxygen Oxygen causes rock to rust; this causes the rock to turn a red or brown color and it becomes soft. Acid Rain Acid rain occurs when pollution from the air mixes with rain making rain water more acidic then usual.

This rain causes very rapid chemical weathering. Water Plants and Animals Wind Living Things As plants grow, they form a weak acid that can slowly dissolve rock. Erosion is the movement of weathered rock (sediment). Erosion can be caused by..... Water Waves Wind Deposition Ice occurs when sediment is
after erosion deposited WEATHERING, EROSION and DEPOSITION act together in a CYCLE that wears down and builds up Earth's surface. This cycle is NEVER ENDING
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