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Copy of Prezi Presentations For Primary Schools

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Joy Perkins

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Presentations For Primary Schools

Primary Staff Years 1 to 6
Punctuality is essential
In the morning the side gates will close at 9:00am. Any students arriving after this time can only enter via the main entrance, where they will receive a LATE mark.
At 3:45 the normal school day will end.
1) Pupils will be signed-up to attend the Extra-curricular activities, of which there are numerous.
2) Be collected early by parents. ( Between 3:45 and 4:00pm)
3) Have supervised Patio time.
4) Attend Homework or Study club....which will be monitored.

Pupils going home early will need to be collected from just one side-gate, before 4pm.
At this time the gates will close, any pupils left at this time will be sent to the Patio and cannot be collected until 4:45pm.

At 4:45pm all pupils will go home. They will either go on the buses which will run as previously, or be collected in the usual way.
New School Day

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is an internationally-minded, thematic, cross-curricular and rigorous teaching structure used in over 85 countries

Primary Presentation 2016-17
Laude Newton College
IPC also extends knowledge, skills and understanding, develops personal attributes and supports an international perspective in a way that responds to revised ideas about learning.


Head of Primary: Joy Perkins

IPC Coordinator:
Francine Turner

Year 1 are now part of the Primary department.

Year 1: Mrs. Palwala, Miss. Nicholson, Mrs. Hackney, Ms. Newcombe
Assistants: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Young, Ms. Slater, Mr. Nuttall

Year 2: Mrs. Perkins/Mrs. Sallis, Mrs. Villena, Mrs. Simmonds, Miss. Moran
Assistants: Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Duarte, Mrs. Potton, Miss. Hannah

Year 3: Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Bignell, Mr. Marsden, Miss. Henry

Year 4: Mrs. Latham, Mrs. Rouse, Mrs. Colton-Parr, Mrs. Strain

Year 5: Mrs. Barber, Mr. Sanda, Mr. Harbour, Ms. Riseley

Year 6: Ms. Baines-Holmes, Miss. Esler, Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Turner

Spanish Staff: Maite Peréz, Auri Lopez, Sergio Cuenca, Jesús Rodriguez, Javier Cerdá
María José Cardona, Carmen Arnaiz

Specialist Staff: Mr. Sidoli, Mr. Lopéz, Mr.Jelic, Mrs. Copperwheat, Maria Williams, Linda Robinson, Debbie Winston


The Good to be Green scheme consists of the following:
• A behaviour chart will be located in every class.
• Each child has a small green type of ‘credit card’
• The objective of the scheme is for the child to stay on green all week.
• Every child begins on a green card at the beginning of every day.
• Dojos will be allocated by staff physically and electronically in class and around the school,
e.g. patio times and assembly times.
• Positive behaviour will be rewarded with Golden Time and with children receiving either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate which will also include a termly celebration.
Bronze = 100 dojos. Silver = 200 dojos and
Gold = 300 dojos
• The Dojo system will be used to reward positive behaviour and will also count towards the House Point System.

It´s Good to be Green
Our Year 6 Prefects will be role models for good behaviour within this scheme, which also includes wearing the correct uniform.
‘Good schools everywhere are increasingly recognizing the importance of learning how to learn. By using these innovative and well structured units, primary teachers can inspire their pupils to understand and improve their own learning.
The International Primary Curriculum promotes a 21st Century curriculum which extends knowledge, skills and understanding, develops personal attributes and supports an international perspective in a way that responds to revised ideas about learning.
Innovative learning using 21st century methodologies and technology.

Regular activities using collaborative learning, group work, paired work, project based learning.

(Y4 to Y6)
My-Maths/Abacus/Spellings with Google Docs/Showbie
Increased use of Showbie for homework and study assignments.
Allocation of tutorial videos, books and other activities on Active-learn.
Projects and tasks from IPC

(Y1 to Y3)
Allocation of tutorial videos, books and other activities on Active-learn.
Projects and tasks from IPC.
Regular activities in class using school technology and devices.

Detailed information about the project can be found in the following documents: IM-Learning booklet, Acceptable use of Internet and Communication Policy, Methodology Policy.
7th September- Pupils Return
3rd October - Winter Timetable
12th October - ´Hispanidad´ Holiday
28th October - Staff training day / Pupils Day Off
31st October - Elche Holiday
1st November - All Saints Day Holiday
2nd November - Winter Uniform
5th December - Staff training day / Pupils Day Off
6th December - Constitution Day Holiday
8th December - Immaculate Conception Holiday
22nd December - Staff and students finish for Christmas
9th January- Staff and students return to school
2nd March - Staff training day / Pupils Day Off
3rd March - Elche Holiday
11th April - Staff and students finish for Easter
25th April - Staff and students return to school
1st May - Day of the worker Holiday
20th June - Secondary students finish
22nd June - Primary and EYFS students finish.

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