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Tok Presentation IA


josh fachtmann

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Tok Presentation IA

Josh Fachtmann
Stephanie Chow
Hajra Bawany Preservation of the Cheetah Which should we preserve? Please choose only one:
-a real cheetah
-a picture of a cheetah
-a story of a cheetah How do we know what we should preserve? What does it mean to preserve? To make something last through time
To maintain the possession of Cheetah - an endangered species Perspectives To preserve or not to preserve, that is the question! Is emotion enough justification for an action? If both reason and emotion can support an action, does it make that action reasonable? Is language an emotional way of knowing? Ethics Do humans have an ethical responsibility to nature? Is reason more important than emotion in justifying our actions? To what extent are emotions and ethical values connected? Natural Sciences How does ethics affect our judgment of science? Revival of extinct animals Does the power acquired from knowledge carry an ethical responsibility? How do we determine value through science? Biodiversity Theory vs. Theory of Evolution History How do we determine historical value? Is historical value enough justification for preservation? Old buildings Memoni Memory Is memory a form of preservation? Do we need a personal connection to create a memory? Does preservation hinder progress? Fahrenheit 451 What is the importance of beauty in memory? The total number of wild cheetahs has decreased from 100 thousand to 10 thousand since the 19th century Cheetahs were declared as an internationally protected endangered species on July 1, 1975 2/3 cheetah cubs die before they turn 2 years old Cheetahs only live 7 - 10 years in the wild and 8-12 years in captivity Cheetahs have been kept in captivity since 3000 BC Cheetah problems Genetic problems Inbreeding 70% of sperm is abnormal Physical problem Disadvantage of speed Inadequate fangs and claws Diet Personal problems Living space Scaredy cat SONG! -It's actually a rap... Sources About a Cheetah http://www.east-african-safari-guide.com/endangered-species.html
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