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Layers of the atmosphere

No description

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Layers of the atmosphere

Layers of the Atmosphere Atmosphere
Lowest layer of the Earths atmosphere
Densest layer: has about 75% of the mass of the atmosphere
Layer where most weather takes place
Nearly all water vapor and moisture is in this layer
Temperature decreases as altitude increase
Second Lowest layer of the atmosphere
Contains the ozone layer-the part of Earths atmosphere that has high concentrations of ozone
Temperature of this layer is increasingly warmer as you increase altitude
The rise in temperature is caused by the absorption of radiation by the ozone layer
Almost no clouds or weather present here
Third Layer of the atmosphere
Temperatures in this layer decrease in temperature with altitude (colder)
Coldest layer (-100 degrees Celsius)
because the air molecules are so spread out, it cannot absorb radiation from the sun
High concentrations of metal atoms because meteors typically break up here
Fourth layer of the atmosphere
Temperature increases (1000 degrees Celsius) as altitude increases (gets hotter)
Although there are not many molecules in this layer, the molecules there are receive a lot of energy from the sun
Made up of mostly Nitrogen,Oxygen and Helium

Highest layer of the atmosphere
This layer merges with space
Air atoms and molecules are constantly escaping to space through this layer
Hydrogen and Helium are main components
Ozone Layer
free fall from Space Stratosphere
Aurora Borealis

Positive ions from the sun strike and cause negative ions in this layer to move at a higher rate="cool colors" in the sky
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