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European Voluntary Service

No description

Mariana Monteiro

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service
European Voluntary Service
European Voluntary Service
What is European Voluntary Service?
European Voluntary Service
Where can you go?
You have Europe waiting for YOU!
During 12 months you can be volunteer in a country of Europe with all the expenses paid. We are talking about European Voluntary Service, do you want to know more? Come along...
Young people participating in various forms of voluntary activities. You become part of a non-profit organization for the benefit of the general public of the community you are in.
This is YOUR chance to meet new people and travel somewhere exciting
All European countries and also outside...you just have to choose where to go!
Who can participate?
Young people between 18 and 30 years old.
European Voluntary Service
How Long?
You can choose a Long-Term project ( 2 months up to 12 months) or a Short-Term project (2 weeks up to 2 months)
European Voluntary Service
What work can you do?
Social Work
European Voluntary Service
Ok, so far so good, but what about €, $, £?
You don't earn...but you also don't spend...
Food Money
Health Insurance
Pocket Money
90% of Travel costs
European Voluntary Service
Confidence and Independence
Experience a different culture
Learn new skills and competencies
Contribute to local community
Enhance Employability
European Voluntary Service
Do you need anything else?
Tons of energy
Willingness to work
And be prepare to the best experience of your LIFE!
Patrícia Peixoto - Portugal
23 Years Old
Decided to embrace the European Voluntary Service and get involve in this project above all for the experience that it promises, an experience of contact with different cultures and spirits, practicing everyday the slogan '"Be the change that you want to see in the World".
So far I did...
Mariana Monteiro - Portugal
26 Years Old
What I think of this experience...
Hold to the thought that it is when we travel that you get to know yourself, others and everything around you, got into this project to explore new horizons, learn a new language and turn her days more colorful.
So far I did...
What I think of this experience...
Ciobanu Florin - Romania
25 Years Old
Chose this project to experience new stories and to work with people with different realities - trading tears for smiles -, and at the same time for the opportunity to cooperate with a friendly, international and creative team.
So far I did...
What I think of this experience...
And to finish, EVS is...
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