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Fashion Designer Prezi <3

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Daisy Soto

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Designer Prezi <3

Fashion Designer Career
By:Daisy Soto
Advisory STLS: Gisselle Calvillo,Miguel Aguilar Holland Code -The interpretation of the Holland code Is a system to classify jobs into job categories.

-My Holland code is AES.
Artistic,Enterprising, and Social -The Holland code relates to me because
I like being artistic.I like to be creative and make new things ,come up with something I think people would also like.
-I am Enterprising because I like making many decisions for myself and helping others make decisions.
-I am also Social because I like talking to new people and making new friends.I like communicating with people I don't know and helping them out. Fashion Designer -Job Selected:Fashion Designing Artistic-It means being creative.Make new things and working with new designs and patterns.
Enterprising-It involves leading people and making many decisions.Also requires dealing with business.
Social-It involves communicating with new people,teaching others and working with many people. -Fashion designing relates to my
Holland code in the ways that its
an artistic job, social,and enterprising.
Also realistic, but realistic isn't under my Holland code. Job Description:Design
clothing and
Create original designs
or adapt fashion trends. What type of educational preparation is needed? *For this career the Preparation
needed is extensive preparation. * Some related majors are:

-Graphic Design
-Family and Consumer
Sciences/Human Sciences, Other
-Apparel and Textile Manufacture
-Textile Science -Extensive Preparation is a
high good preparation. *Know ledges needed for this job:
-English Language
-Production and Processing
-Administration and Management
-Sales and Marketing Skills needed for this career:
-Active Listening
-Critical Thinking
-Social Perceptiveness
-Speaking Knowledge's & Skills Tasks & Activites *Tasks:
-some tasks that relate to my career are:
-To determine prices for styles.
-Work with others to create new styles.
-To design custom clothing and accessories for individuals, retailers, television, most likely famous people.
-Direct and coordinate workers involved in drawing.
-Test fabrics
-Collaborate with other designers.
-Draw patterns for articles designed. -In this job I can relate myself to being artistic,enterprising, and social. I like being creative coming up with good ideas on making something new. I'm social with people and also like making decisions with people to come up with a better idea, which falls under the code of enterprising. ACtivities:
-Thinking Creatively
-Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
-Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work
-Getting Information
-Judging the Qualities of Things, Services, or People
-Scheduling Work and Activities
-Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
-Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
-Making Decisions and Solving Problems
-Selling or Influencing Others Average Wage *Average Wage: The Average wage of Fashion Designing is $72,500. *How Am I Going to become competitive for a higher wage?
--I am going to become competitive to get a higher wage in many ways. The Ways I can be competitive is by when I get into this career I can work hard to get to the higher position there is. Also by working hard to make better designs than others. Not only that but if my ideas are more creative than others than my wage can become higher and my ideas will be used the most. Also by making designs so impressive that might be more productive than any other designs. Top 3 Pillars In Burton Tech there is six pillars,which are represented as Character Counts.They all have different meanings. These pillars help create a better person.
The six pillars are:
-Trustworthiness: a person of character is trustworthy lives with integrity, is honest,reliable,and loyal.
-Respect: Values all persons,lives by the golden rule, respects the dignity, privacy, and freedom of others, is courteous and polite to all, and is tolerant and accepting of differences.
-Responsibility: Meets the demands of duty, is accountable,pursues excellence,and exercises self-control.
-Fairness: A person of character is fair and just, is impartial,listens,and is open to differing viewpoints.
-caring- A person of character is caring, compassionate,kind,loving,considerate,and charitable.
-Citizen ship-A person of character is a good citizen, does his or her share,helps the community, plays by the rules, and respects authority and law. "A person of
character lives
by the six
pillars of
character!" *Three pillars associated:
-Respect This 3 pillars are important to my career because in this career these pillars are the ones that count.Responsibility is one of the pillars associated with this career because in Fashion Designing responsibility is a big part.The person working as a fashion designer must be very responsible, so that they can know how to design new styles. Not only that ,but to know how to conduct a meeting in front of important people responsibility is needed. I think that in Fashion Designing responsibility is highly needed. Another pillar that associates to my career is caring because in this career if you are a caring person you can get things done in a better way. Things would come out to look better and more useful if you are caring with what your working on.Respect is an important pillar in this career too. If you are a person that has respect for others and is fair to others than all your coworkers will get along and work together with you. Respect is one of the pillars that counts in a character of a person. An employee with character! Being a person of character can make me a more effective employee by the ways that if I'm a person that has respect,is responsible,cares,is fair, trustworthy ,and have citizenship can get me to getting along with my coworkers at the job I will work on. If I show that I am a person of character I will probably have a higher position in my career. Also being a person of character can also get me to receive higher wages in my career.There fore being a person a character will show the best of me, a good personality, and a very responsible ,trustworthy, respectful hard worker.Character counts for everyone.If I have all this characters I will get to where I want to be in life. Everyone in my job will like to work with me. I will also be a character of person to make the best out of my career. To make every thing perfect. I will show how am a person of character and my life will be so much easier. It will help me achieve all my goals. Teacher Interview Summary -The teacher I interviewed is a physics teacher. He explained to me how his class will help me for my career, how his class relates to my career of fashion ,and he also gave me words of advice on college. Burton Tech Helpful? *How his class relates to my career?
-Physics class relates to fashion in the ways of the patterns and colors are reflected and absorbed. What the physic teacher explained was that fashion designing deals with pattern and recondition color aspect from analysis and also measuring. An example he used to explain this is "that when we talk about energy wave plants like what we see and how we view it ,actually deals with whats called pigmentation and why the colors absorb and reflect and how if you put certain colors next to each other they will cause a different look . When we talk about fashion design we also talk about patterns and how there is actually a mathematically proven pattern which is considered “beautiful” lets say quotation marks because it is objective, but when you look at nature they look at structure. The animals that tend to migrate towards certain animals have a mathematical correlation with the way there face, hair, chin, bones, ear, and body all mix is a 1 to 1.2 ratio. Now like I said its objective because its not just there's only one version of that pattern.You can have a full spectrum of different people that look "beautiful" ,but the angles that are at there mask are different. You have to think about that when you are dealing with geometric structures and clothing versus how the face line works." What he said explains how the way the shape of there face and body matters in fashion to make something look good. The colors matter. The colors matter because if you put many together it matters on how they reflect on each other to look good. The patterns also matter because they are what makes clothing stand out just like colors. They must be a good mix of everything to make clothing look right. *How will your class prepare me for your career?
-"Well if your going to be going into any kind of career that deals with something that’s cut through fashion design where is the best that survives and no one else you need to have every piece of information, you need to know everything you can about anything. You need to know that this kind of dye runs this thing is called the hydrophobic or the hydrophilic. You can also learn that share forces that act on fabric will rip in certain levels. You can also learn that the textile structures inner weaving increase in their magnitude based on how their pattern works. You can learn about machines that build things and how they work with efficiency of them. It gets you ready for the industrial side of it. Like I said you need every piece of information you can get because with every piece of information is ammunition that can make you stand out more." What he explains here is that what I learn in physics will help me in fashion by the way that it will help me understand about the fabric, textile, patterns, color, machines,and all the stuff that will somehow relate to fashion.Also that every piece of information is helpful.
The education I receive at Burton Tech academy can support me develop the necessary knowledge and skills in my career by leading me to making better decisions for my career. It can help me to choose a better path in life. The education I receive can also lead me to making the best out of my career with everything I learned. Not only that but this education that I receive can help me get the extensive preparation needed for my career.
The technology at Judy Ivie Burton technology high school will help me prepare for my occupation/career because it can help me find more information on my career. It can help me learn the little facts about Fashion. It can help me in the ways that if I want to look for contact information I can find it with the technology they support me with in Judy Ivie. Also the way I learn to use technology there can be helpful for my career later on because in this career technology is needed. Maybe later on in the future I have to help someone else how to use technology.This technology at Burton Tech is useful in the ways that it helps us look for good colleges, important information about our career,important information about college,also it helps us organize plans for our future career in projects.
*Words of advice:

"when you go to college choose your teacher not your class a good teacher can pass the most difficult class and a bad teacher can fail the easiest one." Cont... *Teachers?
The teachers at Burton Tech will help me in my job preparation in many good ways. For example my math teacher will help me in learning about all the needed and important things in Math because Math is always going to be needed in my career. In fashion designing it is needed to know sizes, height, length and width and other mathematical stuff of clothing. Math is really needed.Also English is needed in my career. I needed to know how to write it and speak it. English is very important because its needed all the time.My English teacher will help me learn the basics and the most needed things of English, so that way I would be perfect at knowing and speaking English. Also they will teach me of how not to be nervous in interviews, presentations,and whats a proper way to conduct meetings and all. All this is needed in my career. All my teachers will help me become a better person of character and they will let me know whats wrong or right. They will help me get through my high school years with a good education to get to where I want to be. They will be the reason why I would be able to achieve my goals of becoming a Fashion Designer. The education i receive from them is all going to be useful in my career. *Extra Curricular Activities?
-The extra curricular activities that are offered at Burton Tech can also help me at my career. Some ways that the activities can help me is by the way that if they ask me in my college application if I attended to any extra curricular activities in high school it helps. Also all stars there’s fashion designing and if staying there can help me learn more about the fabric more about how fashion is. All the little details about fashion designing I can get them there. It will help me learn about all the important facts on fashion. Also if fashion is a good career and why it is. -Extensive Preparation is
needed in this type of career
of fashion designing because fashion includes a lot of good preparation to make everything perfect. *Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Fashion Designers,
on the Internet at http://www.bls.gov/ooh/arts-and-design/fashion-designers.htm (visited May 17, 2013).

*Connection, Naviance.”Naviance” Family Connection”. Naviance. <https://connection.naviance.com/family-connection/>

*"RIASEC and Holland Codes." UTSA Career Center ::Students::. 2010. 17 May 2013 <http://utsa.edu/careercenter/students/career_assessments/RIASEC_Holland_Codes.html>.

*Old,Bridschools.”Character counts.”Character Counts.< http://old.brickschools.org/ves/ourschool/character/Pages/default.aspx> Work Cited Fashion Is Passion<3 The End<3
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