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Altair Customer Intelligence

Altair believes that your customers are different in their own way, we believe that there is a unique interaction between you and them that brings you together. We find that allowing you to build long lasting relationships.

Troy Blackman

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Altair Customer Intelligence

Understand Predict Strategy Measure Access Customer Data Hygiene Enhancement Profile Segment Response Risk Attrition Bill Ted Ginger Fredd Gerge Alice Frak Bonnie Bonnie
Bill Bonnie - Age 44; Income $45K; Homeowner; Married; 2 children in home
Ginger - Age 23; Income $30K; Rents; Not Married, 0 children in home
Ted - Age 66; Income $65K; Homeowner, Not Married, 0 children in home
Frank - Age 35; Income $125K; Homeowner, Married, 3 children in home
Alice - Age 37; Income $200K; Rents, Not Married, 1 child in home
Fred - Age 50; Income $75K; Homeowner, married, 0 children in home
George - Age 30; Income $20K; Rents; Not Married, unknown children
Bill - Age 43; Income Unknown; Homeowner; Married; 0 children in home Customer Intelligence Altair believes your customers
are unique. Altair believes your interaction
with your customers is unique. Finding this pattern
is Customer Intelligence.... This 5-Star Process is our proprietary
framework for acheiving Customer Intelligence Knowing this pattern is there
Having the drive to unfold it
The tools to predict it is why..
we do what we do.
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