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Senior Project 2011

No description

Jordan Russell

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Senior Project 2011

Expectations of the Project The different people i got to meet Nurses: RN nurses, labor & delivery nurses, OB techs, ICU nurses, Charge nurses, nurse aides. Patients: I got to meet many different patients during my time spent at MMH. New born up to 101 years old and their families. 2nd Floor Scrubs: Nursing at Morehead Memorial Hospital My hopes in doing this job shadowing was it would help me determine which field of nursing i wanted to pursue. I was stuck between a couple, pediatric nursing, labor and delivery nursing, surgical nursing and ER nursing. nursing is not always easy and fun. nurses have to bathe patients, clean up messes, empty bed pans, and always work long shifts. I also had to see the sad part of nursing, dealing with patients dying. & Although i loved working in the pediatrics, i realized working around sick babies and children was the hardest for me. I discussed many things all the way from administering medicines to the importance of documenting patient charts on everything you do or anything that changes. Research : When researching the pay scale in nursing, i learned that the pay varies depending on the field of nursing and the locatation of the hospital. for example, a labor and delivery nurse at Morehead Memorial Hospital will make much less then a nurse at Forsyth Regional Hospital because of the high risk pregnancies. Why is this important to me? I will be attending Jefferson College of Health Science in the fall, and it helped confirmed that this was the right dicision for my future and career. I also saw first hand how needed and how important they are to patient care. Although Doctors are the one how diagnose the patients, Nurses are the ones that provide the care and the treatment. My expectations were met, and im looking forward to a successful carrer in nursing. My goals did not change, i had a great experience and if anything it made me realize that this is the best career choice for me. Expectations and Goals Met? IB profile Characteristics? There are several IB profiles that could describe this project.
Inquirer is the best IB learner profile that would bes describe this project.
I had to ask questions to help broaden my knowledge on nursing.
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