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Brizuela, Justin Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

No description

Hull Elementary

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Brizuela, Justin Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Brizuela, Justin Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Barcon
Paragraph Summary
A Valentines prom is coming up and greg needs to find a girl to take to the dance. He keeps on trying to find a girl but it never works out. Rowley gets elected social Chairperson to get him on the dance committee. Senior Citizens ruin the party and take half of the court and ruin the theme. Rowley gets chicken pox and greg freaks out.
Greg: The main character of the story
Uncle Gary: Greg's Dad's Brother that is homeless and money leeches off of Greg's Dad.
Abigail: Greg's date to the dance
Rowley: Greg's immature and best friend

Minor Characters
Mom: Greg's overprotective mom
Dad: Greg's strict dad that is the same as his wife
Rodrick: Greg's abusive brother that hates Greg
Manny: Greg's annoying brother that gets him in trouble all the time
Holly Hills: Greg's crush but is too scared
Setting: Unknown
Place: Unknown
Time of year: Varies
Situation: Greg needs a date to the Valentine Dance
Diary of a wimpy kid: The third wheel
Author: Jeff Kinney
Book Genre: Fiction
Book sub-Genre: Realistic Fiction
Narrative Point Of View: First Person
Authors Purpose: To represent a life in a Junior High Student
Main Events
1.Valentines Party
2.Uncle Gary moving in
3.Rowley getting chicken pox
4.Greg getting chicken pox from Rowley

Greg is looking for a date for the valentines prom and Rowley gets elected as social chairman to get in the dance committee and find girls that are looking for someone to take to the prom
Rising actions
The school is starting a fundraiser to fund the valentines party
Eugene Ellis gets elected for school president and and during the election speeches he promised he could get new toilet paper rolls instead of cheap ones but the school cant afford it. Eugene later finds out the teachers have expensive rolls but then the teachers announce you can bring rolls from home. eventually it gets out of hand with kids bringing tons of rolls
Falling Action
The falling action is when Uncle gary wins the lottery and pays off gregs dad and moves out.
When Greg finds a date and Greg also gets the chicken pox and stays home for 2 weeks and Rowley pretty much steals Abigail
Treat others how you want to be treated
pretty much
Reading Strategies
I read 20 pages a day and it took me almost 3 weeks to finish
It is a very good book however it is very short (217 pages!)
3 Facts About Jeff Kinney
1.He made the game Poptropica (that game on funbrain)
2.His favorite game series is the Mario Kart series
3.He has 2 brothers and a sister
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