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No description

Silvenna Yang

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Photography

Photoshop Exercises
Spot colour
Improving on Reality
Young Again
Light and Texture
Tattoos and Makeup
Good vs Evil
Rule of Thirds
Balance and Depth
Beauty in the Ordinary
Photoshopped Pictures
Best landscape photo
Best architectural photo
Best portrait photo
Best still life photo
Best action photo
Best overall photo
By: Silvenna Yang
A transparent object
A reflective
Motion blur
Something being thrown in the air
Someone jumping
A pen
Strong horizontal lines
Close up shot
Bright colour that stands out
Unexpected angle
High angle shot
Something with organic or wavy lines
A tree photographed with rule of thirds
Photo that does not use the rule of thirds
Landscape that uses rule of thirds
An asymmetrical photo of a cluster of objects
Crisscrossing lines
An architectural photo in black and white
A landscape photo in black and
Extended depth of field
Vertically oriented photo
A close up of a car part
I took the photo on a recent trip to Cuba over the Christmas break. The subject would be out-doors, tropical trees, house huts, and mountains. What is happening in the photo is when I went horse back riding, our tour guide took us on a hilltop where we took pictures of this beautiful scenery. I chose this as one of my five best photos because I felt that this picture was different from all my other pictures and the angle shows how beautiful Cuba is. In Photoshop, I made the picture a lot more vibrant, I added a little brightness/contrast, and hue/saturation. The photo uses the photography principal of a high angle shot.
I took this photo in the forest outside of the school. The subject is trees, wild flowers, and rolling hills. What is happening is a gym class going for a jog around the forest. I selected this as one of my five best photos because this photo is real action rather than having to set up action. The alterations I made in Photoshop is I added vibrance, hue/saturation, changed the colour balance, and cropped a the side of the picture. This photo uses a high angle shot and shadows.
I took this photo on a recent trip to Las Vegas over the Christmas break. The subject is a replicated Eiffel Tower, hotels (Bally's and Paris Paris), and trees. What is happening in it is when I saw the Eiffel Tower and I have never been to Paris, I thought I'd take this photo and imagine what it's like to see the real one.
I took the photo in my kitchen. The subjects are cups and what is happening is I saw a couple tea cups on the counter and decided to stack them up on each other, so that it wasn't so boring. I chose this as one of my five best photos because I felt like it didn't look ordinary and it was something different, rather than cups aligned. The adjustments I did in photo was I darkened the background and I made the cups appear brighter. The principles of photography in this photo use a close up angle.
A part of the face (eye)
I took this photo on the Christmas break in Las Vegas. The subjects are mountains, pond, and shrubs. What was happening in this photo is when I was just to Hoover Dam I could see all the beautiful scenery and so I decided to take as many as I could. I selected this photo as one of my five best because of the colours, it shows the natural beauty of nature, and the clear blue ponds that they have there. The alterations I made in Photoshop is I brightened it up, added vibrance and saturation to enhance the colour of the picture, I also changed the hue and the colour balance. This photo uses the photography principles of depth of field and rule of thirds.
I took the photo in my sister's room. The subject is a person and what was happening was, I was in her room and I saw how pretty her hair was and so I took a picture. I chose this as one of my five best photos because she is really pretty and she was one of the only ones that would pose for me. The alterations that I made in Photoshop, was I made the picture brighter, changed the colour balance, and added a little vibrance. The principles of photography in this picture is a close up angle.
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