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Road to Sustainability

WOW "Sustainable Dynamics" via an inclusive model create a reverse dynamic solution for CSR to have an effect towards social responsibility; and also exemplify these responsibilities as an affect for employees to benefit. WOW!!!

Hai Dai

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Road to Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility has a NEW
"Dynamic Approach"
for regenerative sustainability and wellness development

WOW offers CSR solution that is based on an eight-pillar regenerative framework derived from best practices integrated via
mutualism of private and public sectors
. Recently, case studied by ASEAN BioDiversity Centre and the Development Academy of the Philippines. Our integration of social responsibility has two tiers:
sustainable business and human transformation development

WOW's framework offers best practices from
Sustainable Business Development's perspective of
products, services, clients, and markets that are integrated and interdependent solutions;

Sustainable Human Transformation's viewpoint of
personal, financial, talent and creativity for the well-being of everyone involved...an all inclusive model

This sacred balance is an integral part of "
WOW's Dynamic"
for optimum results in sustainable development and exponential in regenerations.
"Holistic Participatory" Approach
"The important first lesson (in sustainability): a HOLISTIC view is necessary"
Dr. Dirk Glaesser, UNWTO Acting Director of Sustainable Development of Tourism Programme.

There is growing recognition even at the high level inter-governmental panel such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) that
the real issue of sustainability lies not in the lack of technology and solutions, but in our inability to work together in a "holistic participatory" manner
. While a "
participatory approach is most commonly used in planning for the tourism sector, we very often forget it
," as Dr. Glaesser emphasized.
It's ALL Interconnected!!!
"It's all about relationships and we are all interconnected!" Hai Dai, WOW Co-Founder

desire for "holistic participation" starts from within and resonates outward to all relationships
; therefore Corporate Social Responsibility should also manifest these sustainable beliefs via the actions of its employees.

If the KEY to sustainable development is "holistic participation" then the
dynamics of real social responsibility should start from the individuals within the corporation
who exemplify the "regeneration" of "holistic participation" in everyday exchanges. The importance of inclusiveness!
"Sustainable Regeneration"
"Sustainability is unhelpful: we need to think about regeneration!"

writes Herbert Girardet of The Guardian

"For 25 years, sustainable development has been held up as the solution to the world's problems. But instead we have had ever more pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change.
The concept of sustainability has been abused like few other terms in history. It is time to think not just about sustaining the world's badly damaged ecosystems and human communities, but about regenerating them instead

Full Article: http://tinyurl.com/q2cmnl8

Regenerative Holistic Approach!
We need to
create a "regenerative space" (Smart Center) for the engagement of the TOP Sustainable Development (SD)
concerns for that region;
where stakeholders via mutualism contribute the resources that are dynamic to sustain and regenerate.
This should be the "first important" concern of sustainable development.... a "Holistic Participatory" Approach!

To execute "regenerative" thinking,
corporations should initiate their own "smart center" to influence their employees with sustainable and regenerative thinking and living via a holistic participatory approach. This will
regenerate healthy ecosystems and "sustainable human transformation" communities at every level of dynamic exchanges and social responsibility
WOW Inclusive Solution:
WOW Inclusive presents th
e future of sustainability and wellness based on proven best practices
. Via the forces and properties of sustainability through WOW's framework, SUSTAINABLE DYNAMICS, we can
INSPIRE holistic participatory exchanges via the transformation of SELF, our social welfare and environment wellness

This has proven to
influence individuals and communities towards holistic participation; the foundation of regenerative processes
for living via abundance of well being. WOW's "all-inclusive" Sustainable Dynamics Framework shares the most effective and affective way to live and co-create sustainable communities. Please visit our
web page: www.WOWBALI.com
for more information on our framework.

Dynamic & Regernative Opportunities
This is a
dynamic opportunity to celebrate the abundance of regenerative efforts
for the development of Sustainable Dynamics & Wellness Center (Smart Center) while leading "holistic participatory" development for the 21st Century.
WOW offers Corporate Social Responsibility programs that are dynamic for the regeneration of sustainability development for
social economic via sustainability and wellness development and regenerative solutions such as agricultural land development, renewable energy and sustainable tourism.
PLUS we provide these inclusive offerings as professional development center(s) and cultural exchange for corporations and its employees to inspire their own sustainable dynamic and wellness programs.
WOW Eco Villages & Smart Centers
CSR's Road to Sustainability


WOW CSR Approach
WOW has over
hundreds of hectare of land offerings
in pristine locations via mutualism; currently in Bali, Philippines, Vietnam and Hawaii.
Diverse stakeholders holistically participating
via mutualism in the areas of Dynamic Wellness, Human Transformation, Eco-hospitality, AgroTourism, Organic Farming, Regenerative Learning, Professional Development, Permaculture, Youth/Women Communities, and Appropriate Technology.
Internationally recognized "Regenerative Solutions"
based on WOW's "Sustainable Dynamics" development for Eco-Tourism;
a "cookie cutter" approach to regenerative development of Eco-Villages and Smart Centers.
Celebrations and Wellness-based

for the regeneration of 'sustainable human transformation'; applying wellness, creativity, celebrations and FUN which has proven to be the
most transformative approach and optimum results in regenerative and all inclusive sustainable development

Sustainable WOW House
Sustainable Dynamic Collaborations via
Mutualism and Regenerative Development.
Eco-Adaptive and Natural Aesthetic Designs
for optimum “Sustainable Human Transformation.”
"Holistic Participatory" Programs
for the local communities as a dynamic cultural exchange with Eco-Tourists; empowering sustainability and wellness processes via team building and collaborations.
ALL INCLUSIVE “Smart Center”
that is
Sustainable and Regenerative for everyone who participate
PLUS economic viability for the regeneration of future Smart Centers.

For More Info, Please visit: www.WOWBALI.com
: wow@wowbali.com |
: wow.bali
: +62 87761304269
Bali's site at Sekar Bumi Farm: Thirty (30) minutes above of Internationally recognized UBUD village; all orgnaic region in 16 hectare of exotic Heliconia flower farm.
ALL INCLUSIVE Smart Centers: Affordable •
Eco-Adaptive • Multifunction Regenerative • Natural Aesthetic • Holistic Architecture
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