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Weston High School Learning Commons

No description

Alida Hanson

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Weston High School Learning Commons

Personalizing student learning in a new kind of library
Weston High School
Learning Commons

Everyone learns

I need quiet to
My group needs
to edit our
I need to
move around
I need to work
with people
How can I find a quiet place to work here?
Too many people! No privacy!
In a new learning commons, students can work in a silent sanctuary
I need to meet
with my teacher
in private
In a new learning
commons, large and small groups of students will meet in four flexible, private rooms
In a learning commons,
students can work on
video and podcasts
in a production room
A learning commons will provide students with new ways to work together in a collaborative learning lab
In a new learning commons, students will eat and work in a dedicated cafe area
In a learning commons, students will be able to choose the right work environment for the task at hand
"We have to tune into students
today, not the students we were
back in the day."
--a Weston High school teacher on our
Learning Commons Committee
How can we work together in here?
In a learning commons, students can choose the right environment for the task at hand
Learning commons mission statement
The learning commons provides space, materials, technology and guidance to develop student learning in all disciplines.
Learning commons mission statement (cont.)
We support different learning styles, the curriculum, and independent learning.
Learning commons mission statement (cont.)
All work in the learning commons is based on our core values of engagement, integrity, resilience, and responsibility.
Move Weston High School's library into the 21st century.
Support learning in the digital age with flexible work spaces, creation and consumption of multimedia, and collaboration spaces.
For more information, please see

The Learning Commons Committee Website

The Learning Commons Renovation Proposal
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