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No description

Bruno Rodriguez

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of MARVEL

Weaknesses and Criticisms
Opportunities: Strategic Direction
Key Successes and Strengths
Peter Cuneo
Number of characters
Wide range of consumers
Limited competition
Marvel Enterprises, Inc.
Bruno Rodriguez, Kiani Ellingson, Julie Ernst, Jenna Langford
Movie misses are Marvel's most significant criticism
Hits and misses are dependent on the popularity of movies and characters
Though Marvel has endless characters, only a select few attain real popularity.
Only so many movies can be made for these popular characters.
When introducing new characters, there’s a risk that they will not achieve as much popularity as other hit characters.
Example: the Spider-Man movie (2002) was 3x more profitable at the worldwide box-office than The Hulk (2003).
If a character and its movie isn't popular, it can impact revenue
However, successful movies make selling toys. (Hulk Hands, Spider-man web-blaster)
Grow business for lesser known characters
Have such a large array of characters that there is a great number of potential blockbuster hits
Entertainment Products
Motion Pictures
Known success by DC's Smallville contributed to 5% of DC's gross profit over the course of it's entire show
DC vs. Marvel
Changes in consumer taste
Different Studios
Character Selection
Popularity by decade
Science Fiction vs. Science Fantasy
DC vs. Marvel Gross Profit
DC Opportunities
Motion Pictures
Batman movies
Superman movies
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