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Cold War Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty

No description

Gabi Cook Cook

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Cold War Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty Is also known as INF What is INF? INF is a treaty that
eliminated all nuclear-
armed ground-launched
ballistic and cruise missiles
The ones that got eliminated
are between the ranges of 300 and 3,400 miles
and their infrustructure It was the first treaty for nuclear arms to
actually eliminate nuclear weapons. They did it this way instead of making
ceilings that could not be exceeded Who was involved with the treaty? The INF Treaty was signed by President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev When and Where did they sign the treaty? Negotiations with NATO established that these thing have to be in the treaty

Provide equality on both limits and rights of the United States and the Soviet Union
Strictly bilateral and exclude the British and French systems
Limit systems on the whole globe
Not effect NATO coventional defense capability
Be effectively berifiable
They signed the treaty on December 8th, 1987 They signed in a summit meeting in Washington Soviets didn't
want to sign it
at first unless NATO
revoked their deployment
decision By July of 1980 the Soviets change postion Why would they sign a treaty? This was signed to end
the Cold War It was also signed to eliminate a class of weapons and have in depth verification program So What Global ban on US and
Soviet missiles 500-5500 kilometers For the first time in US treaty history
had a verification measures that permitted
U.S. inspectors on Soviet soil,
and on US soil That inspectors can enter
US and Soviet missile facilites
This was an end
to the cold war Enlighten some issues from the past
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