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Sacco and Venzetti Trial/Scopes Trial

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Paulina Snyder

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Sacco and Venzetti Trial/Scopes Trial

John .T Scopes
Sacco and Venzetti Trial/Scopes Trial
Darwinism is the theory of the evolution of species that they had become more advanced overtime by Charles Darwin.
It is the theory that we came from

It caused much shock to the world because of
religious beliefs
throughout the world (creationism).
It caused many laws to be passed that
the spread of this theory (one of which caused the Scopes Trial).
The popularity of the theory was declined in the
century as it was proven to be true.
The Red Scare
Sacco and Vanzetti
The Scopes Trial
Prejudice and Nativism
Prejudice In the Trail: Sacco and Vanzetti murdered 2 men and both of them were anarchists. The court viewed them as a threat. They were judged by their anarchist beliefs.

Nativism In the Trail: Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo were
From italy and were accused of murder and some people found them innocent but others didn't. For example, there were political radicals and they were immigrants. Americans thought they were outsiders.
They didn't have clear evidence at the time that they committed murder.
There was no evidence that they were the two men in the encounter with Simon Johnson.
The witnesses stated that they had seen Sacco and Vanzetti in different places on April 15th,
Sacco's witnesses stated that they had seen him at a restaurant in Boston that afternoon.
Vanzetti's witnesses stated that they saw him in
Plymouth, Massachusetts.
The judge did not take these accounts severely because the men were friends of Vanzetti.
Sacco and Venzetti both pleaded
What was the reason for the Sacco and Venzetti trial?
How did the trial demonstrate intolerance?
How is this connected to the Red Scare?
This is connected to the Red Scare because Sacco and Vanzetti were

Anarchists are people who believe in or try to bring about an anarchy.
During the Red Scare, communism was being spread.
Anarchists organized a series of bombings in the Red Scare.
Communism is an economic and political system in which the states own the means of production and a single party rules.
Were Sacco and Venzetti guilty?
Creationism is the belief that the
and the various forms of life were created by God.
It is what
believe that the human race came from.
Creationism spreads the idea that God created
on the 6th day of his creation.
Today, most scientists generally reject creationism.
The church caused laws to be passed against Darwinism.
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were 2 Italian immigrants.
They both were placed in trial because they were accused of
and murdering security guards in
Braintree, Massachusetts.
At the time of their arrest their guns were loaded. Sacco had the specific gun, and evidence showed that Vanzetti was a participant.
The Scopes Trial took place in Tennessee against
John Scopes.
This biology teacher was found teaching his students the Theory of
which was created by
Charles Darwin.
It went against the law that
should be taught. He lost his job but laws against this topic were repealed.

The Scopes Trial was also known also known as the
The Scopes trial demonstrated intolerance because John Scopes believed that humans came from apes which went against the law.
Scopes disobeyed the law deliberately.
John Thomas Scopes was a high school teacher in
Dayton, Tennessee.
Scopes knew it was
but he still taught his class and then was public about it.
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Sacco and Vanzetti were two men convicted of murder in Braintree, Massachussetts. John Scopes was an educator who was charged because he taught his students the Theory of Evolution. Both trials had to do with how the law was prejudiced and judgemental based on your beliefs.

Scopes Trial
Explain the moral conflict surrounding the Scopes Trial
Define Darwinism
Explain Creationism
Explain how the trial showed intolerance
Sacco and Venzetti
Identify the reasons for the arrest
Explain the connection to the Red Scare
Explain how prejudice and nativism impacted the trial
Analyze the facts and determine if they were guilty
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