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Diana Gecosala

on 1 July 2015

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The body of the digest should have:
1. Background of the plan and the outline of presentation
2. “Present Condition and Identification of Development Issues” in tabular format showing the following information.

a. Location (region, province) and location map.
b. Land use area position
c. Population
d. Employment
e. Major Industries
f. Accessibility
g. Top Five tourist attraction
h. Estimated number of overnight visitors during the previous year
i. Seasonality: peak, lean, or off-season months.
j. Accommodation establishment supply data (number of rooms , number of establishments, employment data.
k. Accommodation establishment demand data (number of guest check in, guest nights length of stay, average occupancy rate)
l. Number of visitors arrivals at the port of entry broken down into residents/visitors foreign visitors/ domestic visitors according to overnight or same-day visitors.
m. Visitors profile according to origin and characteristics and market segment
n. Tourism service industry
o. Conservation of attractions. (policies)

Present Condition and Identification of Development Issues” in tabular format showing the following information.
3. Tourism attractionmap for beaches, Festivals, structures, wildlife etc.
4. Formulation of development frame and strategies showing:
A. Direction policy and strategies.
B. Population
C. Employment
D. Development direction.

5. Target settings
6. Target market and market segment (select and describe each)
7. Tourist sites by the municipality or city (names and description)
8. Ongoing and proposed project and program by name, profile, location, period (year) to complete project, development body and charge (national,province,LGU, private, NGO,etc.) cost, and target beneficiaries.

9. Action plans, such as capacity building, advocacy for community tourism awareness, private public partnership promotion.

A tourism master development plan may contain the following the elements (or section)

1. Gender and development
2. Product development
3. Infrastructure development plan
4. Site plan (facilities)
5. Marketing plan
6. Human resource development plan
7. Investment plan
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