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Survey Research

Marketing Research - Group 7

Kim Correa

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Survey Research

Survey Research Nate Silver: Does racism affect how you vote? Popularity of Survey Research Most popular way to gather primary data Group 7 Canadians and Survey Research Reasons to use surveys The need to know Non-Internet Survey Types Door-to-door interviews Executive interviews Mall-intercept interviews Telephone interviews Self-administered questionnaires Mail surveys Why How Who Factors that determine the choice of particular survey methods 7. Precision 8. Budget 1. Use of stimuli 2. Quality 3. Length 4. Time 5. Structure Methods of Conducting Online Surveys Web Survey Systems Software systems designed for Web questionnaire construction and delivery
Survey distributed on server and data automatically filed in a database
Ex. SPSS Quanquest, Inquisite, Web Survent,SurveyMonkey Survey Design and Web Hosting Sites Researcher designs survey without loading design software
Administered on the design sites server
Some offer tabulation and analysis
Ex. Grapevine Surveys, Clientsurveys.ca Some sites can be a combination of both of these Internet Samples Screened Internet Samples Sample groups created by imposing restrictions on self-selected candidates based on characteristics such as demographics or gender Why? Screened sample questionnaires are for targeting certain market segments with specific questionnaires
Ex. You need a sample of Canadians Recruited Internet Samples Respondents recruited by phone, mail, e-mail or directed to a website Why? Used when a questionnaire requires more control over the sample
Best when there is a database to recruit from
Ex. User satisfaction survey Recruited Panels One of the most popular forms of online market research. Online advertisements are used to recruit people to participate on a panel. Why? Online panels are growing in popularity
Can create specific panels for the specific research being done
Drawback,: can be expensive, must limit the frequency of panel participation to prevent over-sensitization Renting Internet Panels Rent a sample panel from an established Internet panel provider Why? Used when the cost of creating a panel is too expensive
Used when it is difficult to reach a certain sample demographic
Ex. Survey Sampling International is a panel provider Random Website Intercepts Intercepting website users, and inviting them to participate in surveys Why? Very cost effective
Rarely used by professional research
Good to get people's attention
People are often willing to complete short surveys Data Capture of Visitors Using information collected from website visitors to collect data, form panels and learn more about their customers Why? Learn more about customers
Capitalizing on existing infrastructure (website)
Help prospect for future panels
Improve customer experience The amount of money that is available for the survey portion of the study Quality/ budget tradeoff The need to expose respondent to stimuli and have respondent perform specialized tasks. Ex. Taste tests, prototype usage tests,
card sorts, certain visual scaling methods If there is a need for accuracy in the study results is not great, less rigorous and less expensive sampling procedures may be appropriate Long questionnaires are difficult to do by mail, over the phone, or in the mall Ideal survey length:
less than 2 minutes 2%
2 to 5 minutes 21%
6 to 10 minutes 44%
11 to 15 minutes 21%
16 to 25 minutes 3%
26 minutes or more 0%
No ideal length 8%
Not sure 1% ~SurveySpot, SSI's Internet Panel highly unstructured questionnaires may require data collection by personal interview The extent to which the questionnaire follows a set or sequence order, has predetermined wording of questions and relies on close ended questions There may not be time to wait for responses via regular mail. Internet is the fastest option. How accurate the results of the study need to be. Measured through Validity and reliability. Validity: the degree to which the measure reflects the characteristic of interest

Reliability: the consistency with which a measure produces the same results with the same or comparable populations 6. Incidence rate Percentage of people, households or businesses in the general population that would qualify as interviewees in a particular study. Error that results from problems
or flaws in the execution of
the research design; sometimes called non-sampling error Systematic Error (Bias) Survey Research
on the Internet Sampling Error Advantages Rapid deployment and dissemination
Real-time reporting
Dramatic cost reductions
High response rates
The ability to reach lower-incidences respondents
Simplified and enhanced panel management
Probability for survey research firms Disadvantages Potential lack of representativeness of internet users
Concerns over personal privacy and security
Lack of callback procedures to clarify open-ended responses, bandwidth problems
Unavailability of sample frame needed Measurement Error Sample Design Error Example So what about the 2012 election? Types of Survey
Research Errors Chapter 7
Questionnaire Response Bias Non-Response Bias Measurement
Bias Interviewer Error Surrogate Information
Error Get your cell phones computers out and we will pass out Tim bits! Selection Error Population Specification Error Frame Error AGENDA 1. Video
2. Introduction to survey research
3. Methods of conducting online surveys
4. Types of survey research errors

5. Internet samples and online surveys
6. Advantages and disadvantages of Internet surveys
7. Factors that determine the choice of survey methods
8. Questionnaire Random Sampling error
Chance Variation
Reduce chance variation by increasing the sample size Result from mistakes or problems in the research design or from flaws in the execution of the sampling design Results from using an incomplete or inaccurate sampling frame Results from an incorrect definition of the population or universe from which the sample is to be selected. Occurs when sampling procedures are incomplete or improper Processing Error Occurs when there is a difference between the information being sought and the information actually obtained by the measurement process Results from a discrepancy between the information needed to solve a problem and that sought by the researcher An error that results from the interviewers influencing on purpose or not, the answers of the respondent An error that results from the design of the questionnaire or measurement instrument An error that results from a systematic difference between those who do and those who do not respond to a measurement instrument A tendency to answer a particular question in a certain way. Often results from deliberate falsification Error results from the incorrect transfer of information from a survey document to a computer. US education US urbanization Votes for Obama 2008: 53%, 69.4 million votes
Total voters: 131 million

2012: 50%, 59.8 million votes
Total voters: 118 million Example: Telephone directories & cell phone ads Example: Sex Hot Line Users Example:Blow away Bell Reps Common problem plaguing business management decision-makers Example: Aaron's participation in Clinical study Example: The video game survey Example: Dinner time telephone
surveys Example: Being paid to complete surveys
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