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Ben Lovelady

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Ezekiel

Future Restoration
Ezekiel & His Message
- Jehoiakim rebels: 598 BC
- Jehoiachin becomes king and surrenders: 597 BC
- 10,000 exiles are taken to Babylon--Ezekiel the priest is one of them
(note more of a Leviticus theme)
Judgment on Israel
"And He said to me, 'Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations which the house of Israel are committing here, so that I would be far from My sanctuary? But yet you will see still greater abominations.'"
Ezekiel 8:6
Judgment on the Nations
"Then they will know that I am Yahweh."
Ezekiel 28:23, 24, 26; 29:6, 16, 21; 32:15
"Ezekiel's primary audience is the Hebrew exiles in Babylon, who are struggling to make sense of their exile and the world events that have shattered their lives."
Daniel Hays
1) You've broken the covenant; you'd better repent!
2) No repentance? Then judgment! Judgment will also come on the nations.
3) Yet there is hope beyond judgment of a glorious restoration for Israel/Judah and the nations.
- Sovereignty..."that you may know that I am Yahweh" (over 70x's)
- Abominations...(93x's)
- Presence...
Ezekiel 1: His presence isn't tied to place
(where do we see "cherubim"?)
Ezekiel 2: Tough crowd
Ezekiel 3: A call to repent
(3:18 & blood & Paul)
Ezekiel 4 & 5: Object Lessons
Ezekiel 6 & 7: Idolatry & Resulting Judgment
Ezekiel 8: He Removes His Presence
Ezekiel 9: Coming Judgment & Those Who Mourn
(9:6 & 1 Peter 4:17)
Ezekiel 10 & 11: His Presence Departs, Though Future Promises
Ezekiel 12: A Skit "in their sight"
Ezekiel 13: False Prophets Condemned & Psalm 50
Ezekiel 14 & 15: Repent! And Uselessness (John 15:6)
Ezekiel 16: Israel's Spurned Grace
Judgment on Israel/Judah: Is. 1-12 / Jer. 1-29 / Ez. 1-24
Judgment on Nations: Is. 13-23 / Jer. 46-51 / Ez. 25-32
Future Restoration: Is. 40-55 / Jer. 30-33 / Ez. 33-48
Ezekiel 17: Babylon Will Judge, Yet Hope
Ezekiel 18: Individual Judgment
Ezekiel 19: Lament for the "Princes"
Ezekiel 20: A Sad History
Ezekiel 21: Yahweh Will Fight ("sword" 19x's / 89x's)
Ezekiel 22: Recounting of Sins
(22:30 & Jer. 5:1-6)
Ezekiel 23: Recounting of Sin as Prostitute Sisters
Ezekiel 24: It's Come...Illustrated (vs. 13-14)
"There is no place anywhere where His lordship will be disputed or where His great name will be rivaled. The nations face judgment particularly because of their response to Israel. Ammon, for instance, rejoiced over the profanation of the sanctuary (25:3, 6). Moab and Seir cursed Israel (25:8, whereas Edom and the Philistines will face vengeance because they took revenge upon Israel (25:12-17). Tyre anticipated financial profits from Israel's fall (26:2). ...Egypt will also face judgment (chaps. 29-32) as the great dragon opposed to Yahweh (29:3; 32:2). It will be judged because it was a basis of false confidence for Israel (29:6-10, 16)."
Thomas Schreiner
"And the name of the city from that day shall be,
'The LORD is there
Ezekiel 48:35
"Say to them, 'As I live!' declares the Lord GOD, 'I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn back, turn back from your evil ways! Why then will you die, O house of Israel?'"
Ezekiel 33:11
Ezekiel 34: The Good Shepherd
Ezekiel 35-36: Representative Edom & New Hearts
(36:25 & John 3:5)
Ezekiel 37: Dead, Dead & Fully Capable
Ezekiel 38-39: Future Invasion
(39:17-20 & Rev. 19:17-21;
cf. 20:7-8)
Ezekiel 40-48: His Presence Restored
"As in many other portions of prophetic literature that describe Israel's restoration, interpreters take differing views on Ezekiel 40-48. Some argue that it describes a literal temple that will be built in Jerusalem and used during the literal 1000-year reign of Christ. Others suggest that the focus of the passage may be on that future millennial temple but that it also has allusions and connections to the final new city of Jerusalem in Revelation 21-22. They underscore the prophets' tendency to merge future pictures from differing time periods together into one vision. Still others maintain that Ezekiel 40-48 is almost totally symbolic and is thus fulfilled primarily in Christ (the new temple) and yet perhaps also pointing to the heavenly city in Revelation 21-22)."
Daniel Hays
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