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Arctic foxes

endangered species project

DieneRa Salvador

on 11 February 2012

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Transcript of Arctic foxes

Arctic Fox ScientificName: Alopex Lagopus. Kingdom:Animalia Class: Mammalia Range:North Pole. Phylum:Chordata Order:Carnivora Family:Canidae Genus:Alopex Speces:Lagopus Common Name:
Arctic Fox or
Polar Fox. Habitat: It occupies arctic
and alpine tundra,with the
white form occuring principally
in open, treeless plains, while the
"blue" form is more common in
coastal and shrubby habitats. Ada[tations:1) Adapted to superbly sub-0
2)Small,heavily furred ears and a short nose
to reduce heat loss. Characteristics:1) Sharp teeths.
2) Large claws. Senses:Hearing,and Smelling. Fact #1) Head-body length:46-68cm
shoulder height:28cm.
#2) Weight:1.4-9 (kg). Endanger because: Diseases,exposure to toxic
pullutants,direct persecution and breeding
with escape. The Arctic Fox is being protected
to some extent by virtue of its presence
with in some protected areas,particularly
in Sweden and Finland. Basic Infor:Warm fur coats
for keeping out of cold.
If thin and hungry can only
have 2-3 babies.If Healthy
has 6-8 babies.
By hunting alone.
Caribou,seal and fish. About 5 years.
Polar Bears.
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