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Cause and Effect for Color Guard

What Color Guard did for me

Lauren Campbell

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Cause and Effect for Color Guard

Cause and Effect of Color Guard Audition #1 Freshman Year Audition #2 Effects Middle School Dance Worked hard
Did not make the cuts
Talked to a judge/band director on how to improve Band Quit ballet outside of school
Dance teacher wanted me to continue in High School to improve
Wanted to be in the Honors program Sophomore year
Had to take dance in High School Director wanted me to continue in High School to improve
Plus Marching Band
Suggested Color Guard so I could do both v. Danced during school
Worked incredibly hard to improve
Got myself ready for auditions Everyone thought I greatly improved (both girls already on the team and the instructor)
Made the cuts
Began my life as a "Guardie" High School College Life Becoming part of a family
Knew how to handle Dance Ensemble situation (same as that for Color Guard)
Learning how to keep going when I do not want to Most essays were about "A Defining Moment" or "A Time I Was Tested"
Going through what I did for Color Guard gave me an edge and showed colleges my determination
Also showed me that in college, anything is possible Determination is key
Do not give up on anything you want because if you work hard enought, you can achieve your goals
My Marching Band/Color Guard family is my family for life!
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