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annabel crescibene

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of cheer

Cheer Jumps and Levels
Cheer has many levels novice, intermediate, and advanced, then by sizes. All star cheer has number levels like 1, 2, 3, 4,and 5. The team I showed you was a top rate cheer team. It won gold at Worlds.
Cheer Levels
With a group I demonstrate how to do a simple stunt called a thigh stand. Come out with me and learn a thigh stand with your table group.
Audience Involved More
Cheer Stunts
I'm not even going to mention stuff like one mans because they're too awesome for you to comprehend. Fulls and halves are when two bases, one back, and sometimes a front hold the flyer at either shoulder height or above their head. A show and go is when they go to a full or half for less than a second and then go down.
Cheer Rules and Moves
The four most important things in cheer are hit your moves, smile, be safe, and catch your flyer.

Cheer Rules
Cheer Teams
My Cheer
Cheer has many jumps like X jump, Toe Touch, and Pineapple jump. Herky's are pretty hard.
Cheer Jumps
Libs are when the flyer stand on one leg. Cradles are a stunt where the bases literally
throw and catch the flyer after a full or half. A basket is when they throw the flyer in the air and catch them like in a cradle. They're lots of other cool stunts I could go on and on about but it's time for the next slide.
Other Cheer Stunts
There so many different moves in cheer that I'm not going to name them all. The most common are the High V, Low V, Special K, X, T, and Half T. Now I'm going teach you those moves and check that you're hitting your moves.
Cheer Moves
Novato has two different kids cheer teams and three different high school cheer teams. The youth teams are the Novato Junior Hornets and the San Marin Mustangs. The high teams are the Novato J.V. and varsity teams and the San Marin junior varsity. The Novato High J.V. and varsity teams won 1st place in regionals and are going to nationals -- the San Marin youth cheer won first place in nationals. My sister is on the Novato High varsity cheer team.
Other cheer teams in Novato
I cheered for three years on North Marin Lions, which is a cheer team that does cheer competition and charity events like the Heart Walk, Walk to End Alzheimers, and Relay for Life. If you are thinking about doing this cheer team, you should know that it dissolved.
Cheer Stunts
The end
It is now the end. I hope you have realized the cheer is a sport. Any questions?
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