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Persian Empire SPRITE

No description

Owen Farley

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Persian Empire SPRITE

Persian Empire SPRITE
-Government based off of Tolerance
-Land was split into 20 provinces
-Darius, Campyses and Cyrus were main rulers
-Taking over other Civilizations boosted economy
-Conquers peoples were respected, could keep religion
-People obeyed strict rules
-Kings 'eyes and ears' controled corrupt
-Polythiestic religion
-Mazda was judge god in afterlife, not car comapny
-Zoroastrianism was main religion
-Good vs Evil emphasized
-Taught that Earth was made for Humans
-Fire temples were like churches- worship places
-People who came into Persia kept religion
-Social system built off of transportation
-Born into social class
-Little to no slaves in society
-Kings, Preists, military, merchants, farmers, slaves
-King dictated everything
-Women had equal liberties
-Women could own land, own buisness
-Equality in Society
-Royal road connected Susa to Sardis
-Used for trade, military transport and pony express
-Silver and Gold coins
-Hanging gardens of Babylon
-Carpet weaving
-Old Persia was the official language
-Pottery was the main art form at the time
-First weavers, made carpets, cloth
-Dance was popular
-Iron was a popular trade item
-Coinage was invented
-Silver was worth a lot
-Economy based on trade
-Rumored that there were trade routes in every direction
-Darius standazdized silver coins
-Gold widley used, luxury
-Overthrowing other Civilizations halped economy
-Other civilizations wanted to be taken over
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