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Boy Scouts of America and United Way

No description

Rachel Makutuya

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Boy Scouts of America and United Way

Public Issue Crisis Polarity The Land of Compromise Suggestions 2000 - United Way Chapters
Separately incorporated , individual entities that make their own funding policies
Issue a "nondiscrimination policy" Salient information: communicated to general public

BSA - gave reasons for positioning -Logical
UW - gave reasons for positioning - Emotional Audience participation

UW - website
BSA - polls Research for UW (diverse constituency base)

Two-way communication: Facebook poll

Audience Participation: Host virtual conference to gauge audience. Outcome United Way
and the
Boy Scouts of America Sexual Orientation
30 to 50 chapters Constitutional right of expressive association BSA - 3 G's Special Interest Meat Eaters vs. Vegetarians
Hunters vs. Conservationist i.e. PETA (animal right ext. grp.) Heart of Florida United Way vs. Central Florida Council BSA
PR practitioners - maintain constituents and monetary donations. BSA - Stands
Logical Appeal - Tico Perez
92 to 8 % UW - Wavers * - Brian Quail

-Chapters can choose.
- Florida chose not to support then decided to become a "contract agency" (earmarked gifts)

Emotional Appeal
Civil-Right Movement
Be "open to all" Effective Communication Tools Used BSA 2000 -$530,000 = Constant Decline (initial B- Decline)
90% of UW ch.s Still Funding BSA ch.s (A &B- Success) Measurement of Impact Obj. Informational, Attitudinal, and Behavioral Obj. 2001 = 10 Percent Increase in Funding I,A,B - Success
Reinforced Attitudes (I success is evident) UW Went Back on their Word Diverse Constituency Base
Drop from 1,400 chapters to 1,350 $4.25 Million dollar loss in funding from 2000-2006 Competitors Lose Untapped Market
$332,000 dollars to local charities
2001 Loss in pledges from $247,000 to 121,735
Over 125,035 CREDIBILITY United Way S- Emotional Appeal - one that gay rights movement is still using. W- Lack of transparency and credibility - Research would have gone a long way Boy Scouts of America S- Logical Appeal - private organization

S - Transparency & Loyalty/Consistency - Pressure today for them to change.

W - needs a larger target base to continue enhance funding Ann Barkelew - PR Professional -Textbook - “No matter what actions you adopt, someone is going to be angry enough to denounce you-loudly and publicly .” Transparency and Consistency with Constituents Strengths & Weaknesses
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