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Dis?Ability on the Internet

No description

Demi Aspiotis

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Dis?Ability on the Internet

Dis?Ability on the Internet

Demi Aspiotis & Jennifer McGavin
Topic The difficulties that Individuals with Disabilities face
The technological advances that can benefit Individuals with Disabilities The technological advances that can help people live a normal life Reason the essay was written To inform people of the struggles and challenges that Individuals with Disabilities face Raise awareness of technology available for IWD Target Audience Anyone who wants to learn more about IWD Anyone who is uneducated about IWD
Anyone who would like a career that involves disabled individuals Point of view The internet can greatly benefit IWD
The author is a subjective insider
The author knows the struggles of IWD, as she is disabled. Thesis The thesis is explicitly stated in the first paragraph. It says “we are using the Internet to be productive in countless creative and therapeutic ways.”
The thesis can be elaborated on, can we can come up with the statement:
“An individual with a disability, or disabilities, faces many challenges in day to day life including spiritual, emotional and mental issues, along with any physical or mental disability they have. The internet and other technologies, is a great help to those with any type of disability function and live a life that is as normal as possible; it allows them to live the life of a person without a disability.’ This also doubles as the author’s point of view. Main Points The internet can be used in creative and therapeutic ways
We all face mental, emotional, and spiritual issues as we live our lives
IWD face limitations in society to be successful, and to reach their goals, such as financial, education, professional, and creative goals.
Individuals with Disabilities have less jobs available to them
The internet has also changed and expanded the capacity of IWD to function in the world.
Many assistive technology devices have been developed in order help IWD
Devices are extremely expensive, and they disenfranchise a large percentage of the disabled community who cannot afford them
For IWD, the internet provides amazing freedom
The internet creates healthy personal support systems Effective Arguments Introductory Paragraph Concluding Paragraph Tone Use of Language Effective arguments are the ones that can relate to everybody
One of the most effective ones are : - “Unfortunately, these devices are still very expensive, and continue to disenfranchise a large percentage of the disabled community who cannot afford them.” The introductory paragraph gives insight as to what the essay will be about.
It gives the thesis
It tells the reader(s) that the author is disabled The concluding paragraph does not restate the thesis, rather, it tells the reader that the process of new technological developments for IWD will be long lasting.
It informs the reader that learning about IWD will be continuous Informational
Informal The language in the essay is easy to understand, but put in a way that is not childish, but knowledgable
She writes in an informal way, meaning the language she uses is ‘I’, ‘myself’, etc. Ideas & issues In the second paragraph, she states ‘People with disabilities face an ongoing and unique set of issues and challenges that many able-bodied individuals do not understand or are even aware of’
In the fifth paragraph, the author uses the argument ‘Adding to the personal physical limitations, IWD face societal limitations in order to be successful and reach their goals financially, educationally, professionally, and creatively’. Thanks for watching! :) :)
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