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entertainment of the future

No description

bethan garratt

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of entertainment of the future

Nokia is creating a phone that is in a curve shape so if you sit on it, The is a less risk of damaging your phone. Mobile Phones of the Future Ipod fans pay close attention!!
The Iring makes it really easier to control your music. Irings Gaming Of The Future Entertainment of the Future by Bethan Garratt This is apparently
what the Playstation
9 will look like. This may be true, but it may be false. MR. Kutaragi (Father of the PlayStation) is talking about the PS9 and he also says that the release date is in the year 2078. But only time will tell. Imagine having this computer in the future. As well as the PlayStation, Sony are looking at the computer side of things and here is some ideas. Sony Computer technology WOW!! But there's no Siri!! Steve Jobs left some of his $ plans The 2014 iboard The 2016 imat The 2013 ibangle The ???? ilens $$ WoW wireless headphones!! The Tv of the Future! The TV's in the future maybe a lot thinner and maybe see through or even
3D without glasses !! Tv's Just got better LG is created this proto- type which is the 1cm in width and is very light. Life as we know it, just got better! In the near future times are changing for all of us. Phones, brains, technology in the whole !!
Science is changing and so is technology. People coming up with new ideas for companys. This is another idea of blackberry. Which is in a diamondy shape. Also a ring which looks like the Iring which is shown later. awesome
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