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Cofique passionista

A free animated XMas Prezi for you all! From Presentaciones.biz

Shahad Bor

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Cofique passionista

All you need is someone to guide you just again Because the more you the more all will So, Do we have a deal? How? Is a coffee brand Dedicated to females And their passion in life. self made fashion designer ,originally from khobar

Determined to follow her dream , and not letting anything come in her way,

razan established her self as fashion designer not only locally but globally and made it into hollywood Huda uses art as a way to express herself without limitations and rules.

Her major inspirations come from family, friends, and the random people on the street. She is interested in the way they walk, talk, and think; their way of life and their stories Huda bayduon Razan Alazzouni Ms. Razek a freelane photographer who now is a teacher at Dar Al-Hekma College.

She has contributed to numerous photography exhibitions internationally and received awards.

She helped found the first women's photo club in Saudi Arabia and was involved in developing the Photography diploma program at Dar Al-Hekma College and other institutions in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Rania Razek whether you’re into Fashion Designing Painting Visual Arts Photography Share your work with us and we will help you turn your
into reality . Submit your work to our brand ambassador 8 winners in
each university

300 nominated
Enabling talent

Rewarding talent

Recognition Reward will give you Whatever you are passionate about
Show us
Join us
and the best of you will get a chance to
take your passion further
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