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No description


on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Pedro

By: Pedro Da Silva
3rd Grade
Ms. Lisa's Class
Creature's Name & Description
Giant Anteater
The Myrmecophaga Trydactyla (giant anteater)
is grey & brown with a black stripe on its neck.
It can be up to three meters long and can weigh
up to 39 kg (86 pounds).
Interesting Facts

It has sharp, curved claws for tearing down termite nests.
It can flip its tongue 160 times per minute.
It can also eat 30,000 insects per day.
It lives in the forest floor.
It dosen't only eat insects, it also eats fruits.
Its predators are dangerous, big animals, like jaguars,and more animals.
The giant anteater has adapted for living in the rainforest by adapting to ...

Having a long snout an even a longer tongue.
Having a flypaper tongue to be easy for flipping.
Having sharp, curved claws for tearing down both ant and termite nests.
Interdependence with Limited Resources
The rainforest is an interdendent ecosystem with limited resources. My rainforest creature, giant anteater, depends on other living things for its survival.

I depend on ants
I depend on termites
I depend on fruits (that fall from trees).
How is your animal in danger
The giant anteater is in danger because they are deforastating the rainforest. And the efect is that I live on the forest floor which could kill me if the tree falls on me.
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