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Ancient Egypt Government

No description

james stuart

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt Government

Ancient Egypt Government
Statement of Purpose
Information on government
1. Government made laws, were rich, had fancy stuff, and lived in the Pharaohs palace.
2. Egyptian government were only chosen by the pharaoh.
3. They took stats, and invised the king.
4. They took charge of temples, pyramids, and other buildings.
Math Connection
They counted their food to make sure they had enough surplus to last many harsh winters to come.They also collected taxes.
They needed to use geometry to construct the pyramids.
How Art Connects to the Government
In Egyptian government, art was used to make temples for gods and other structural buildings. The most important structure was the pyramid. The pyramid was made to store mummified bodies and prized positions. That was a main structure in Ancient Egyptian government.
Daily Life Then
I woke up in the warm sun, feeling the cold morning breeze. I smelled homemade, steaming rice in the pot, so I got up from my linen sheet bed. I dressed in my kilt for a day's work at the government office. We were getting ready for a banquet for the pharaoh who died, everyone was putting decorations. Government officials just finished the great pyramid of King Tut. Everyone was busy in work, so i started to check out the new pyramid. It was two stories high, and made of granite. It had the king's chamber, riches chamber, and traps to cover it all. " Let the king's banquet, commence!" announced the announcer. After the banquet, the king was put in the pyramid, and it was time to go home.
Daily Life(today)
1. Ancient Egypt has a dynasty, government and in some countries, we have that today.
2. Ancient Egypt was the first to create a nation-state government which we used today.
3. The king used resources to build buildings and pyramids our government uses resources or money to build communities.
4. Ancient egyptians collected taxes which we do now.
Importance Of Government
Our area is most important because if there was no government, you could get murdered, no one can stop them. You could get robbed, and they would not get the money back. There would be chaos and destruction. There would be no laws! That is why our area is most important.
We hope you enjoyed our presentation about the government of Egypt. We did our best to convince you that it was the most important area of our focus in ancient Egypt. Thank you for coming, and we appreciate your time.
Hello, we are are the ancient egyptian government group. In this presentation, we will tell you why we think that the government is the most important area of ancient Egypt. In it we will tell you how math and art connected to government, and how daily life effected them and us. We hope you will enjoy this presentation.
In government, we covered how Egypt connects to art, math, and how it effects us today as well as Egyptians. What we worked on was finding info on Egyptian government, and the importance of it all.
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